TTA Students Excel in Local Competitions

Saturday, December 11, 2010, 21:02

It has been a promising and very interesting 2010/11 season for members of the Table Tennis Academy. TTA Tibhar, composed of seasoned players Mario Genovese and Edward Baldacchino (head coaches at TTA) together with upcoming Andrew Gambina and Daniel Vella Fondacaro, are leading the first round of the Premier Division in the Malta Table Tennis Association National Teams League.

During the MTTA 1st and 2nd senior ranking tournaments, TTA players featured prominently. Mario Genovese was runner up in the open event of 1st tournament, going on to win the 2nd tournament in a nail biting game against Edward Baldacchino. Marcus Portelli was runner up in the plate event of the 1st MTTA Senior Ranking tournament.

In the Junior Ranking Tournaments held by MTTA, Academy players again took top honors. Andrea Portelli won the Under 15 event in both 1st and 2nd tournaments; Ryan Tabone won the Under 18 Plate events in both Tournaments. Therese Genovese won the Under 15 Girls event in the 1st ranking tournament, placing runner up in the 2nd. Andrew Gambina was runner up in the Under 18 category of both events. Dylan Zammit was runner up in both Under 13 (1st) and Under 18 plate (2nd). Jacob Dimech and Matteo Mizzi were runners up in Under 13 and Under 15 categories respectively.

Promising TTA players during this year include Steve Bugeja, Andrea Portelli, Dylan Zammit and Ryan Tabone who were at the fore of most Academy as well as National events. The Table Tennis Academy will be holding its Annual Christmas Dinner and Award Presentation on the29th December 2010. More details to be found in the Academy website

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