Transfer window to re-open again…who will make the best deals ?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011, 21:03

After the closure of the local Football Transfer Window, it is now time for the opening of the Transfer Window for the 2010/11 Malta Fantasy Football Competition.

You now have to chance to change those players which you feel have not met your expectations, or perhaps you have identified a better player – if you make the right changes, you may end up the winner of the first edition of the Malta Fantasy Football.

Each team can make three changes from their current team, and these changes are subject to the following conditions:

- After the three transfers, the team is to include 1 Goalkeeper, 4 Defenders (2 Central, 1 Left & 1 Right), 4 Midfielders (2 Central, 1 Left & 1 Right), together with 2 Attackers.

- A maximum of 4 players from the same team, and

- A maximum of 4 foreigners.

Furthermore, we have decided to give each team an additional budget of EUR30,000 to spend. In other words, the budget for the new 3 players which are to be added to your team is the value of the 3 players you are removing together with EUR30,000.

Example:I have decided to change the following players in my team: Lovizon Ezequiel (EUR 40,000), Souare Sekou Tidiane (EUR 35,000) and Okonkwo Joseph (EUR 40,000). My budget available for the new players will be EUR 145,000 (Value of the three players I have decided to change from my team together with the additional budget of EUR30,000).

The transfer deadline is Friday 4th February 2011, and changes will be in effect as from this weekend’s games. An email with the changes is to be sent on, which email is to clearly indicate the name of your Team, and the Name and Numbers of the players that are to be transferred In and Out of your team.

Download List of Players – Transfer Window


  1. Adrian says:

    tista tibatli l-link ezatt fejn nista nara l-punti pls, ghax qed nidhol fxi link antika u qieghed nara l-updates antiki (14th round)



  2. cnub says:

    jekk micheal mifsud jiffirma ma xi hadt sal 15-2-11 fif se ndahhluh fit tim?


    Mario Debono Reply:

    Mifsud diga qieghed fil-lista bhala player No. 854


  3. jerry says:

    jien batom … dawk irridu nircievu konferma alijom ax jin batom il bierah u ma rcevejt xejn


    Mario Debono Reply:

    Erga ccekja l-mailbox Jerry :)


  4. cnub says:

    kif se nkunu nafu il prezz tal players il godda bhal baranin il gew godda???


    Mario Debono Reply:

    Fl-attachment ta din l-pagna hemm l-valur tal-players kollha


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