Training for Volleyball Marathon underway

Tuesday, May 29, 2012, 10:21

With a month to go for the BOV Volleyball Marathon in aid of id-Dar tal-Providenza, training is currently underway. The training is led by Michael Magro, the technical director of this year’s marthon.

Training is split in three phases, each of two weeks and starts from the most basic level, so that those who are new to the sport will be able to become accustomed to the sport. After the first phase, there will be the selection of the 54 participants which will qualify for the second phase. During this phase the training will focus on teamwork, a crucial element in any sport but fundamental in the volleyball game. On completion of the second phase, the final selection of the 40 participants who will be taking part in the marathon is made. During the phase the selection of the teams is also done, so that the participants would be able to get accustomed better to eac other.

Michael Magro explained that during the the training, a lot of importance is given to the physical aspect of the preperation, so that the participants are able to endure the 53 hours of on-going playing without problems.

This year’s marathon will be held on the 28th, 29th and 30th June.

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