Tough opposition for water polo youngsters in Kiev

Saturday, April 9, 2011, 10:03

The Maltese junior national team has played 3 matches in Kiev, Ukraine, valid for the European Junior Water Polo Championships Group D Qualifying Round. Malta will have a rest day today, Saturday, and plays its last match against the Czech Republic on tomorrow morning.The following is a roundup of the games that have already been played.

Malta 7 – Israel 8

Michael Paris, Aleandro Mifsud, Luke Caruana, Dino Zammit(4)

Referees: Mehmet Sungu (Turkey) & Adrian Vamos (Romania)

Malta narrowly lost its first game of the tournament against Israel 8 – 7. With a bit of luck Malta could have obtained a better result but a penalty awarded to Israel in the final minutes of the match proved crucial.

The game was very close with the Maltese team always training by a single goal until midway in the 4th session Malta took the lead for the first time with a with a good Paris goal that made the score 7-6 for the Maltese. Israel equalized soon afterwards and with 3 minutes to go Israel scored from a penalty to take an 8-7 lead. Malta tried hard to obtain the equalizer but to no avail.

The Maltese goal-keeper Robert Leuellen distinguished himself with a number of good saves. Dino Zammit managed to score 4 goals despite being tightly marked by the Israeli defense throughout the match

All the Maltese players played their heart out and were bitterly disappointed with the final result.
Malta 8 – Russia 30

Michael Paris, Keith Galea (2), Luke Caruana (4), Dino Zammit

Referees: Massimo Castrilli (Switzerland), Adrian Vamos (Romania)

Malta was totally outplayed by a very strong Russian team but still made an effort not to throw in the towel.

Luke Caruana had a very good game and tried to marshall the team to contain the might of the Russians, even managing to score 4 goals.

Malta 6 – Ukraine 14

Nicholas Portelli (2), Luke Caruana, Dino Zammit (2)

Referees: Constantin Siarou (Belarus), Andrej Laginja (Slovenia)

Playing their third game in 24 hours, the Maltese players showed signs of tiredness and, in general, the match was characterized by a number of errors committed by the Maltese team, which, however, did all it could to counteract this.

Other results:

Ukraine 11 – Czech Republic 6; Czech Republic 4 – Israel 17; Russia 17 – Israel 4.


  1. Team Malta says:

    In the name of the team we thank you Caruana and all the parents for the support !!


  2. Caruana says:

    Latest news Malta 15 – Czech Rep. 5


  3. Caruana says:

    Malta 15 –  Czech Republic 5 first win for our boys!!!


    Fred Reply:

    prosit for telling yourself prosit luke lol


    Caruana Reply:

    I wish i was still playing, but my time is now past gone by i  am Luke’s father and said Prosit to all the boys !!


    Fred Reply:

    hehe prosit boys!

  4. Caruana says:

    Well done boys


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