Tony Drago to face Davis next Saturday

Tuesday, November 1, 2011, 12:59

Quickfire potter Tony Drago faces Davis in the first round of the Sky-televised event on Saturday at 1pm. “I’ve always been inspired by Steve – if you are feeling old then you look at him and realise you’ve still got time in the game,” said the player nicknamed the Tornado. “He’s 54 and still going strong on the pro tour. He still hits the ball beautifully and had a great run to the semi-finals of a PTC event recently.

“I’m 46 now and able to play in the Seniors, which is strange because I remember the day I turned pro in 1985 like it was yesterday. Nearly 27 years later I’m still here and set to play against the guy I’ve been competing against for three decades.”

Despite his natural speed around the table, World No 51 Drago does not feel that the 30-second shot clock gives him an advantage. “Maybe if it was 15 seconds it would be good for me, but 30 is enough for everyone,” said the player who once made a century break in a record 210 seconds. “The matches are only best of three frames so you have to be on your guard from the start.

“I’m really looking forward to it because I’ve been practising with Jimmy White and he’s been telling me what great fun it was last year. I feel I’ve got a chance of a long run. My form has been good this season although my results haven’t matched how well I have played.”

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