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Tuesday, April 6, 2010, 15:53 has an exclusive interesting interview of a great Maltese Sportsman: Tony Drago – the Tornado!

Tony reveals to 10 truths including his earliest memory in his life, the person he admires the most, his favourite actor, his guiltiest pleasure and other facts and curiosities. A must read for the snooker aficionados and Maltese fans of the great Drago.

Drago is famous for his playing style which earned him his nickname Tornado making fast breaks and records throughout his career.

Well done Tony – you make our country proud. Join us in thanking Tony for being a proud flag bearer of the Maltese islands.

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  1. carmelo agius says:

    Ma nixba qatt narah dan il -frame. Tghamilni kburi li jien malti. prosit TONY ta karriera formidabbli li biha sahhart id – dinja bil -heffa li ghandek.


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