Together through play:Sport and games play a key role in social inclusion

Monday, August 3, 2015, 23:01

Gavin Muscat

Together through play
Sport and games play a key role in social inclusion

MOVE, a non-profit organisation dedicated to nurturing children’s creativity through play, yesterday held a half-day event in Valletta as part of the European Year for Development 2015 (EYD2015) to promote social inclusion through games and sport by exposing local as well as migrant children and youths to the intercultural dimension in a fun and lively way.

Sport promotes communication and understanding between people of different cultural and social backgrounds, making it easier for participants to lower their barriers and interact with each other as they all share the same goals. Commenting on the event, Cynthia Debono, MOVE President explained: “Social integration is challenging, especially with people from different cultures. However, play has the power of bringing people together as it breaks down cultural differences, providing an opportunity for interaction between different social groups.”

Dr. Vanni Xuereb, who Heads MEUSAC, the Malta-EU Steering and Action Committee, which is the national coordinator for the EYD2015 in Malta, stated that, “The EYD2015 aims at stimulating the active participation of European citizens. Each month addresses a different theme. July’s focus is on Children and Youth.” He commended MOVE for using games and sport, two essential ingredients in the holistic development of an individual, as tools to enhance youngsters’ participation, promote cross-cultural interaction and intercultural learning, and encourage social inclusion and well-being.

This event was held with the participation of MC Adventure, The Great Outdoors Summer Programme, the Migrant Women Association Malta, and supported by MEUSAC, the Valletta Local Council and SOS Malta.

Information about MOVE and its activities may be obtained from and, while to learn more about the EYD2015 visit and

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