ThunderCat Racing Malta Announces World Championships

Saturday, October 3, 2015, 0:02

Nearly two years ago a group of passionate volunteers decided to try and bring the ThunderCat World Championships to Malta. The objectives were clear:

  1.  Run a successful event in 2015 showcasing Malta as a fantastic venue
  2. Provide a legacy for the Malta ThunderCat club
  3. Launch a bid for Valletta to host the European Championships in 2018

Today, with huge support from our sponsors, the Malta Powerboat Federation and many official bodies, the ThunderCat Racing Malta club announces that the count-down to the World Championships has officially started.

In a first for Malta, from 10th through 17th October 2015, Mellieħa Bay will host the 37 boats and 10 countries taking part. Malta has entered 5 boats and is determined to do well.

  • Boat 97                 Pilot                       Sam Howes

Co Pilot                 Ben Mellish

  • Boat 18                 Pilot                       Michael Caruana

Co Pilot                 Marek Rolko

  • Boat 99                 Pilot                       Jamie Bartolo

Co Pilot                 Lee Muscat

  • Boat 58                 Pilot                       Karl Cutajar

Co Pilot                 Simon Cutajar

  • Boat 88                 Pilot                       James Cachia

Co Pilot                 Stefan Saliba

The event will be run on 3 different courses over 8 days.  The courses have been designed to run close to shore to give great viewing for spectators.

ThunderCats originate from a versatile surf rescue craft and are now raced worldwide. With a greater power to weight ratio than a Ferrari 360 and the ability to “turn on a sixpence” ThunderCats are great to drive and watch.

During the two rest days there will be “try-out” days for anyone keen to experience the thrill of ThunderCat racing. Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Visit for more information about the ThunderCat World Championships, try-out days and the ThunderCat Racing Malta Club.


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