Three people arrested in match-fixing scam

Wednesday, October 3, 2012, 14:09

Three individuals have been arrested in connection with an attempt to fix First Division match Gzira -Naxxar that was played last weekend.It seems like the suspects have made an approach to Naxxar players to throw the game.

At least one of the suspects is believed to be connected to a betting company . Investigators on this case are still trying to establish whether this scam goes beyond this particular match.

Both Squads are considered as favorites to be Promoted this season .The person who acted as the whistle blower was in fact a Naxxar player who provided both the police and his club some sort of evidence of an approach to bribe him.


  1. john vella says:

    any names mentioned please?


  2. Supporter Malti says:

    Betting company u l-ebda kumpanija tal-Betting m’offriet din il-loghba online.


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