Three Blacks Belts for Team Noel

Wednesday, July 24, 2013, 12:12

In June the Maltese Kickboxing Federation (MKBF) three students from Ying Yang Team Noel Kickboxing Club acquired their Black Belt. Isaac Chetcuti, Althea Vella and Courtney Vella were the athletes from Team Noel who worked for three whole hours to finally get the much desired Black Belt in Kickboxing. Master Noel Mercieca now has a total of 15 Kickboxers with Black Belt level. Together with these three, from the same club, there where Jonathan Curmi who reached the 2nd Dan, while Daniel Zahra and Terence Cilia reached the 4th Dan.

The grading was divided into sections of how to teach this sport, stamina, display of kickboxing techniques and the use of such techniques in sparring. Any athlete who wishes to reach this level must demonstrate discipline in all of them. The section which involves the most amount of energy is the last one where the athletes have 20 full minutes with Kancho Adrian Axisa which although they are at the end of their strength he encourages them to work with him on the focus mats to show their determination.

Team Noel had a total of 40 athletes who took part in the grading in all the belt levels. Women and men, adults and children, gave all their best and more to take their Belt. Their examination time and the number of techniques that had to do all depended on the Belt level. The athletes and their respective belts were: Yellow: S.Leuelfan, H.Mifsud, M.Darmanin,K.Vanhear, M.Abela, N.Camilleri, N.Desira, M.Mallia, P.Kudella, B.Spiteri, R.Cassar,S.Bugeja, A.Azzoppardi, P.Fiteni, Orange: N.Lautier, G.Dimech, A.Bonnici, M.Fenech,A.Grech, A.Attard, R.Azzopardi, K.Pace, M.Azzopardi, E.Stanmore, M.Grech, Green:J.Chircop, A.Psaila, Purple: A.Scicluna, Blue: M.Scicluna, Brown: J.Flores.

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