Thirty-two players took part in the First Edition of ‘Logħob divertenti fl-Imtarfa’

Tuesday, August 14, 2012, 14:44

Four teams(thirty-two players) took part in the first edition of ‘Logħob divertenti fl-Imtarfa’  organised by Mtarfa Fc. Buffalo Soldiers coached  by Mr Patrick Bonello were declared Champions while the Munchies led by Mr Tano Zammit Cordina  finished runners-up. The Red Stars and Mtarfa Hooligans finished third and fourth place in the final table respectively.

The participants had to compete in seven games including the final match. The Final match consisted of a challenge in large size pool. All games were coordinated and planned by Mr. Stephen Bonello a well known figure in this field. The pool was sponsored by Mtarfa entities and thanks to Mr. Antoine Azzopardi.

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