The National Sport School – Saint Benedict College

Friday, July 6, 2012, 1:43

The National Sport School – Saint Benedict College, will open its doors for the first time as from the beginning of the next scholastic year, in September 2012.


This is the first school of its kind in Malta, where sports training and academic education will coexist harmoniously. In this way, students who have a big potential of succeeding in a sporting discipline will be given greater opportunities to specialise in sport from a young age, without missing out on the normal academic studies provided in secondary schools.


The aim of the National Sport School is to lead its students to a dual career path, namely an education which ensures success in sport as well as in working life.


An information meeting will be held for parents of children born in 2001 or who have just completed their sixth year of primary education, where further details will be provided on the National Sport School.


Date: Friday 6th July


Time: 18.30hrs


Place: Hall of Saint Benedict College, Saint John Street, Kirkop



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  1. football as usual says:

    lets hope all sports are given a chance and not the usual suspects


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