The MBA organises its General Meeting and votes for a President

Friday, March 24, 2017, 14:38

Gavin Muscat

The Malta Boxing Association called on its members to attend an Extraordinary General Meeting on Thursday 16th March 2017.  The aim of the meeting was to discuss various topics, amongst which was the resignation of its Chief Executive Officer Mr Marc James after the latter suspended himself from his position following a disagreement with MBA officials.

In his address, President Michael Bonello thanked Mr James for the services rendered to the MBA, and gave an account of the latest developments on the issue following various unsuccessful attempts made to resolve the issue.

During the meeting, various new members on the MBA Executive Committee were approved and a Vote of Confidence was taken on Mr Michael Bonello as President of the Association, under whose leadership the sport has seen a massive growth in popularity in the past years. Both motions were unanimously approved through a show of hands.

The Extraordinary General Meeting also discussed the clubs affiliation system, the health insurances system, the licenses of boxers and coaches as well as licensing of other staff.  The need to approve various amendments to the statute was discussed and such proposed amendments that will be put up for approval at the Annual General Meeting of the association which has been scheduled for July 2017.

The EGM also unanimously agreed that no details of the issues between the MBA and ex-official Mr Marc James will be made public.  This is to enable a further attempt to recover all the documentation pertaining to the MBA covering the last four years.  Such documentation is important to enable the current MBA committee to operate in the best interest of boxing in Malta. In the absence of this, the MBA will have no other alternative than to initiate legal procedures to safeguard the best interests of its members.

The members were also informed that Mr James is not authorised to conduct business on behalf of the association and nor is he authorised to collect payments on behalf of the MBA. All communication in this regard is to be made through Mr Edwin Micallef who is a member on the MBA Executive Committee and is also responsible for the officials of the association.

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