The MBA helps the Malta Community Chest Fund

Wednesday, December 14, 2011, 12:22

by Colin Schembri.

The MBA President’s council is inviting the Maltese general public for a great afternoon of basketball all in aid of the Malta Community Chest Fund.


The MBA basketball bonanza will be organized on the 29th September and will be an occasion to see the foreign players playing inMalta during the All Star Game. However the All Star Game is not the unique event of this afternoon of charity basketball. In-fact the doors will open at4.00 pm with the following programme:


16.30 – Mini Basketball Tournament

18.15 – Women’s All Star Game – including the best players in the local scene together with the foreigners who are currently playing in the local competitions.

19.00 – Referees against coaches

19.30 – Veterans Game – A lot of veteran stars confirmed their participation for this game. These include Joe Galea, John Tabone, Paul Sultana, Ivan Attard, Albert Spiteri, Nathan Farrugia, Kevin Decesare, Ivan Micallef, Ivan Grech, Mario Tabone, Lorry Agius, Dalibor Miatovic, Salvu Vella, Ray Muscat and more.

20.15 – All Star Game – National Team against Foreigners who play in the local competitions. During this game a Slam Dunk competition will be organized and the fun is guaranteed!


There will be professional Hip-Hop Dancers performing during the night and also there will be competitions for the spectators with prizes to be won.


The entrance fee for all the above will be just 5 Euros and children under 10 pay 2 Euros only.


The MBA encourages the local sporting public and non to attend for this wonderful event and to enjoy the show and most important helping the Malta Community Chest Fund.



  1. louis mizzi says:

    Well done to MBA for this event to help out those in need. Good cause………….by the way will the referees do this for free or will they get paid.


    karmnu Reply:

    Kemm int vojt ras…idhol ftit fl-ispirtu tal-milied come on


    Tony Sant Reply:

    Does it really make a difference for you Mr Mizzi if the referees get paid or not?? In all your previous posts & comments you always blame or question referees!! I think its about time you identify yourself and if you have any valid suggestions please do share them!! Altough some times we dont agree with their decisions we should be greatfull to the referees for their excellent work!


  2. FORZA BLUES says:

    I second Karmnu on this and hope the MBA will try to advertise it more thorugh the papers and TV. Prosit to all.


  3. American says:

    29th September jew 19th December?


    American Reply:

    i mean 29th December


  4. Lucienne Attard says:

    Excellent idea MBA! A great way to promote Basketnall and a social conscience in Malta.
    Well done!


  5. Truly Bball Lover says:

    still 5 euro is expensive….. immagine a family of parents plus 2 twelve year old kids….!! 20 euro ??? too much !!


    karmnu Reply:

    U ejja man!! Mhux ghall karita ux!! ghal darba nonfquhom hemm flok fil-canteen ultra expensive :) )) missu johrig vouchers tal-canteen u jtijhom rigal…


  6. Colin schembri says:

    The event will take place on the 29th December. Apology for the mistake.


  7. karmnu says:

    Jien wiehed milli nikkritika s-soltu pero well done MBA for this initiative



    big mistake in the date, should be December not September


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