The Malta Boxing Commission’s right to reply to latest statments made

Monday, November 26, 2012, 18:00
The Malta Boxing Commission , Is fully aware that our former VP Mr. Gianluca Di Caro has been issuing several strange and untruthful statements on line and to a number of local media publications. Predominant is his claim to have sacked the president of the Malta Boxing Commission and he has taken over the Malta Boxing Commission etc – the statements are easily available on line.
First of all the MBC refutes all statements by Mr. Di Caro or associates of the same Mr. Di Caro – who in the very great majority were never members of the MBC and none of which ever formed part of the MBC committee except for his partner / fiancée who also has never attended a single MBC meeting or even bothered to visit Malta.
The simple fact are as follows Mr. Di Caro helped in the setting up of the MBC but in the course of 1 year and 5 months, Mr. Di Caro never attended a single meeting of the MBC and to add insult to injury – he only came to Malta once for less than 24 hours and this not on MBC business – for this reason and others which were mentioned in a letter to step down from his position or be expelled (since published), which was sent to Mr. Di Caro and cc to the international boxing bodies to which we are affiliated – Mr. Di Caro responded to this letter 3 hours later by making statements in the international press and on line that he had sacked the MBC president – Alexander Zammit – (Mr. Di Caro has no legal to carry out this action of course).
The Malta Boxing Commission feels that persons who are given a major position within the organisation should attend a number of meetings yearly and give an input by their presences and if they are not Maltese they should also take the time to get to know Malta and the Maltese and their fellow members – control by remote-control from another country is not allowed.
All the above was further compounded by the fact that Mr. Di Caro decided to attack on line and in the press Misters Stephen Vaughan Snr and Jnr of the Floriana Football Club (Malta) stating that they had no right to have an MBC license and to do boxing shows in Malta – due to events in their past (which the MBC does not agree with – all information available on-line).
The officials of the MBC will be present at the press conference and the venue indicated below to answer any questions on the above and the subject matter indicated in the press invitation.
The MBC would also like to take the occasion to announce that during this press conference we will also be presenting our new Vice President – from Germany Ms. Eva Rolle.
Ms Rolle will be in Malta for this press conference and for extended periods through out 2013. Ms Rolle’s track record in the professional boxing world is very impressive.
Ms Rolle comes from a boxing family – her son is boxer Robert Rolle “The German Gladiator” her daughter in law owns the famous prime time promotions in Germany. Ms Rolle has done sterling work with the International Boxing Federation (IBF) she was instrumental and the catalyst for taking the prestigious IBF convention to Berlin for 2013 – she introduced female world championship boxing to the IBF and promoted the first 3 world female title bouts under the IBF and more recently she was involved in the largest ever IBF title show in Berlin, with not less than five IBF titles bouts on the card.
Ms Rolle – targets are to bring to Malta either the European or the world boxing convention of the IBF. That in the first quarter of 2013 she will bring to Malta a large boxing promotion with world titles and international TV coverage and to follow this up with other high level boxing promotions for the second and third quarter of 2013.
Ms Rolle’s message for this press conference is first of all to wish all the very best to Vaughan Boxing with their show for this Saturday 1st December.
“I am very happy to be coming to Malta and becoming part of the Malta Boxing Commission and I look forward to involve my-self in Maltese boxing and spending time in Malta. My target is to introduce the IBF titles to the Maltese Islands and to strengthen ties with other title sanctioning bodies which the MBC is already affiliated with. I am strong person and fully aware of the hard challenges ahead of me” – Eva Rolle.

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