The Gladiators Night 5 “Re Match”.

Sunday, June 16, 2013, 8:49

On the 21st of June Gladiators Night will be back with athletes from Maltese clubs to provide a great spectacle of Kickboxing and K1 matches. This will all happen at the Greek Theatre at Ta’ Qali thanks to Gladiators Promotion.

The main match will be between the Maltese Daniel “the Jet” Zahra and the Portuguese Bruno Torres for the World Kickboxing Network (WKN) World Title Belt. It will be a 5×3 match on a professional level with K1 rules and with gloves only. Zahra and Torres already competed with each other in last February but the Portuguese won with a controversial decision after a life broadcasted match on Eurosport.

Thanks to Master Noel Mercieca and Isaac Chetcuti, the founders of Gladiators Promotions,the spectators will see ten matches that will accompany the main Titan event. Five will be of 4×2 with K1 rules and with gloves only and for the national titles. The other five will be of 3×2 with Kickboxing rules and with leg protection as well. Kancho Adrian Axisa, President of the Maltese WKN branch, will preside the evening with the Maltese Kickboxing Federation and supported by the Malta Sports Council. There will be athletes from ten different clubs and two of the K1 matches between Maltese and British athletes. Although the major part of the participants do Kickboxing there are will also be Kung Fu, Karate and Thai Boxing practitioners.

The day before there will be a press conference at Hard Rock Café, St Julian, at 1200hr where Zahra and Torres will come together to answer questions from journalists. Everyone is invited to give its support. The other athletes will be there as well for the weighing in the different weight categories. But this is not all, the WKN President ,Stephan Cabrera, will attend the event accompanied by Thai Boxing legend, Osman Yigin.

Gladiators Promotions will also introduce a Mixed Martial Arts exhibition match for people to have a taste of the upcoming events. Cabrera, President of WKN announced that the winner of the Zahra Torres match will go to Northern Ireland this November to compete with Gary Hamilton. He is considered one of the best Kickboxing and is known as “The King of Belfast”.

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  1. isaac chetcuti says:

    Good luck to all fighters participating and Daniel Zahra get that belt home where it belongs, all Malta is behind you :)


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