The GET FIT, BE FIT Seminar coming soon

Sunday, September 19, 2010, 8:00
John Xuereb

John Xuereb

by Catherine Micallef. 

The GET FIT, BE FIT seminar is set to launch on the 26th September at the Radisson Hotel in St Julian’s.  Bodies ‘N Motion is looking for Maltese residents who want to completely change their body, attitude, awareness and life the right way.  GET FIT, BE FIT seminar will be providing attendee’s with inspiration and empowerment, motivation and a clear path to getting the answers they have been looking for.  Perhaps the most important thing that this seminar will provide its participants is education.

 The seminar will enlighten those regarding the enormous advantage of realizing each person’s potential and how to tap into themselves to achieve the best results in their life.

 Bodies ‘N Motion, created in 1986, has helped thousands of clients live a healthier lifestyle with the added benefits of reducing health risk factors and improving clients’ quality of life.  Bodies ‘N Motion provides nutritional counseling, fitness assessments, body composition analysis, personal training, and life coaching. There is NO OTHER group, system, product or company out there that cares as much, or is as dedicated to each individual client’s success as Bodies ‘N Motion. 

John Xuereb is a certified personal trainer, nutritionist and life coach and has provided nutritional counselling to his clients for over 24 years.  He is a competitive bodybuilder having competed on the national level, including finishing in the top 5 at the Canadian National Bodybuilding Championship 2008! John has also completed his first book entitled It’s just your life! What are you waiting for?’ and is working on his second.  It is not every day that a Nutrition and Exercise Guru of this quality is available to the local general public.  

 If you’d like more information about the GET FIT, BE FIT seminar, please call Jacqueline Giordmaina at  99441080 or e-mail Jacqueline at

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