The Dritta Grand Prix

Wednesday, December 12, 2012, 12:58
The Qormi Shooting Range organized The Dritta Grand Prix Shoot nearly a week ago to raise funds for charity.
This competition was on two rounds of 25 clays down the line each and the best six shooters qualified for a barrage final on another
25 clays.
George Mifsud placed 1st with 50/50 and 25/25 for a perfect score of 75/75
Nathan Lee Xuereb placed 2nd with 49/50 and 24/50 for 73/75 + Shoot off +3
Savior Borg placed 3rd with 49/50 and 24/25 for 73/75 + shoot off +2
Gino Camilleri placed 4th with 49/50 and 22/25 for 71/75
Emmanuel Grima placed 5th with 49/50 and 20/25 for 69/75+s/off+1
John Gauci placed 6th with 49/50 and 20/25 for 69/75+s/off+0
Mark Micallef placed 7th with 48/50
Twanny Mifsud placed 8th with 48/50
Micheal Bugeja plced 9th with 48/50
Emmanuel Ciappara placed 10th with 47/50
Eugenio Azzoppardi placed 11th with 47/50
Noel Xuereb placed 12th with 46/50
The organizing committe would like to thank the sponsors that raise the prizes for this successful event that are,
The KMS, Edwin’s Jewellery, Fieldsports, Namra Gun Shop, Magru Gun Shop, Shooting Supplies, Touring Mediterraneo,
Pie Masters and Mr. George Cassar.

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