The Day….after the change at MFA

Sunday, August 8, 2010, 11:10

by Sandro Micallef

The Sunday Newspapers gave extensive coverage to yesterday’s MFA Annual General Meeting in which Norman Darmanin Demajo officially became  the new MFA President after winning by no less than 46 votes the election for President of the Malta FA.

The news that Darmanin Demajo had won the election this time after having just missed by 3 votes three years ago spread quickly through the island thanks to live updates that this portal and other football portals such as were giving during the day. Radio news bulletins and TV news bulletins broke the news through the traditional way. It was a very long day as described by Darmanin Demajo himself in his first short speech from the new seat that he will be sitting in for the next three years or possibly more during Council meetings and Press Conferences.

Media representatives waited for the moment for hours. It was around 1.30pm when during the public counting of votes for the election of President of the MFA, it was mathematically confirmed that Dede had won. His close aides were attentively counting each and every vote and when they heard the word “Darmanin Demajo” for the 55th time it was done ! This is because there were 108 voters who casted their vote and so a simple majority of one vote would have been enough for them to celebrate as was the case. (See the action in links below)

After the counting came to a conclusion it was officially communicated that Darmanin Demajo had won by a margin of not less than 46 votes claiming 77 preferences from the 108 votes casted, leaving Joe Mifsud who steps down as MFA boss after 18 years with only 31 votes.

The reactions

Council members and delegates were themselves surprised by the outcome and the general feeling amongst them was that this was a big victory for change “Tkaxkira kbira ħa d-Dott” one of them was heard whispering in the Centenary Stadium corridor adjacent to the Hall. Another delegate from a First Division Club was heard saying that he had the feeling that Norman would win but he never imaged that this was to be a humiliation for Mifsud. “I thought it would be a close encounter again like it was three years ago but  a victory by 46 votes is a big let down for Joe Mifsud” added this delegate.

Official comments

After the result for the Presidential election was known it was the time for other verdicts as Alex Manfre, Carmelo Bartolo and Ludovico Micallef got more votes than Peter Fenech leaving the lawyer with no seat at the MFA thus losing his post as Vice President of the MFA just after three years.

When asked for his immediate reaction, Fenech said “I am very disappointed, but in elections you have to be prepared to lose, I respect the Clubs’ decision”. When pressed to give comments about his immediate future Dr. Fenech replied that he had already received a call from a local Football Club to join them as President but he said he will take some time to reflect. When asked by if he would consider giving his contribution in any sector within the MFA’s structure he said “Yes I would consider but it all depends on the decisions that have to be made by the team of the new President” concluded a saddened Dr. Fenech who is reported to have walked out of the Hall almost in tears after the official result of the Vice Presidents election was announced. He then sportingly returned in the Hall for the continuation of the AGM after some time.

The newly  elected MFA treasurer Antoine Portelli said “I am obviously very happy for the success of our team, we worked hard and put forward  concrete proposals to the Clubs. The Clubs expressed their opinion by casting their vote and choosing Norman Darmanin Demajo” Asked about the secret of the euphoric win, Portelli stressed the fact that this was all about a team exercise, “We worked as a team for the benefit of the Clubs and we will continue to work as a team in the three years to come” concluded Portelli.

Carmelo Bartolo and Ludovico Micallef who were confirmed both as Vice Presidents commented as follows: “I am very happy that I received a vote of confidence once again from the Clubs and our member Associations” said Carmelo Bartolo. He added that he was always ready to work with those who came forward to help Maltese football and has no issue whatsoever to work hand in hand with the new MFA boss Darmanin Demajo” When asked if he had the opportunity to speak to Dr. Mifsud as yet, he replied in the affirmative  and said that he went to show his support to Mifsud after the result. Bartolo said that he never expected that Darmanin Demajo would outset Dr. Mifsud by such a quantity of votes.

On the other hand Ludovico Micallef was one one side happy for being re-elected as one of the Association’s three Vice Presidents but very sad on the other due to Joe Mifsud’s defeat. Micallef who was always Mifsud’s right hand and an open supporter said “Joe Mifsud has done everything he could have done for the benefit of the Association. He has been instrumental for the development of football but seems that the Clubs wanted a change and we have to respect their decision” concluded Micallef.

Alex Manfre was in high spirits as he gave us his immediate reactions “I am absolutely grateful to the Clubs for their massive support, I have just been communicated that I got the most votes out of the three Vice Presidents elected and that fills me with courage and enthusiasm to work even harder in the next three years”. This will be the first time that Manfre will occupy the role of Vice President after occupying the role of Treasurer in the last term.


  1. Richard Chetcuti says:

    We are very pleased that Norman Darmanin Demajo is the new President of the Malta Football Association, for sure Norman will do is almos, and for sure now we know that the Malta Football Association will go forword. MFA needed new blood and the new blood came.
    Congratulations Norman
    Here once we had a Team Ta’ Xbiex and now this club finished hope the new president will talk again maybe next year Ta’Xbiex will commence again


  2. Joe Azzopardi says:

    Congratulations to Dede. Now from words to action. Easy to say Clubs, Clubs and Clubs, now it is important to put this to practice. Most importantly get the young children to play the game with dignity and erradicate all the perception of corruption. Only in this manner will local lovers of football believe in your project.


  3. melvin attard says:

    well done great win by norman. now we want to see the money promised to us clubs – melvin


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