The Bench Press National Record

Thursday, December 19, 2013, 17:06

The Bench Press National Record was broken on Sunday the 8th of December, at the Kottonera Sports Complex. Sean Galea, weighing in at 73KG, lifted 126KG, beating Charles Degiorgio’s record set 4 years ago in the under 75KG category. Galea won the competition on points thanks to a 177.5KG Squat and 212.5KG Deadlift in addition to the Bench Press. Adrian Cauchi and Justin Said followed in 2nd and 3rd place for their first podium finish.


The biggest lifts of the day were a 240KG Deadlift by Cleaven Cutajar and a 180KG Squat by the same Cutajar who competed at a bodyweight of 110KG and finished in 5th place. A 130KG Bench Press by the 85KG Bulgarian Alexander Atanasov was the heaviest press.


Although some veteran lifters were missing, there were several established lifters with the addition of some new ones. Women also compete, Claire Paris lifted a Total of 167.5KG in the under 58KG category. 14 year old Kirstin Abela did a great job considering his age, lifting a Total of 200KG in his first competition. For more information one can check out the facebook page “Malta Powerlifting MDFPA”.

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