Ten teams participate in the ISA Competitions

Wednesday, December 21, 2011, 16:47

This year we have ten teams that are participating in the ISA Competitions instead of the eight we had last year. During the pre-season General Meeting, all clubs involved agreed to play a two round league and that all ten clubs will be drawn in two different groups. Only the Champions and last year’s runners up were in fact seeded.

Competitions started as usual with the ISA Super Cup, and last year’s Champions, Methode, continued where they left as they beat Trelleborg to claim the first trophy of the season.

Next in line was the Catania Cup, and here once more Methode showed their dominance by reaching the Final, to be played in January, on the 21st, the month that Gigi Catania, the founder of the ISA, passed away. In the final they shall be meeting one of the new entries, Toly Products, who so far showed that they can match any team in the league.

Methode who so far showed that they are still the best team in the ISA Competitions, however are finding it a bit hard in the league and to the surprise of everyone they lost two games out of four. They were unbeaten since they started competing in ISA Competitions a year ago, but Playmobil and later De La Rue both showed that they have the right players and commitment to go all the way. Things are very close in Group B with De La Rue, Playmobil and Methode all contenders for the first two places.

In Group A, Trelleborg have continued where they left last season and are having a very good run. In fact they lead the group followed by new entrants Seifert and Vassallo Group who have improved considerably from last season.

Matches are being played at the Msida Ground as where played last year in a newly built synthetic turf pitch at the Mater Dei School. Games are played on Saturdays in the afternoon with the first match at 14.30pm followed by the second match at 15.30. We are glad to remark as well that the level of referees for these matches is very high with Premiership referees being appointed to these matches. This shows how much the MFA has changed in these years vis-a-vis the Member Associations, who are now finding much more help form the mother association, The MFA.

Competitions now resume on the 7th January 2011 with the continuation of the league.

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