Ten Pin Bowling: MSV Life National League, Week 9

Friday, March 11, 2016, 14:33

Gavin Muscat

Okmalta.com’s winning streak halted by draw with XS

Full points for Fina, Ramis, Turu’s Knights, MIA

After eight consecutive victories for okmalta.com in the current MSV Life National League, It was XS who finally stopped them in their tracks with a four-all tie in week nine, the final week of the season’s first round. Fina managed an 8 – 0 win against Supreme to take advantage of the leaders’ dropped points, and there was a similar victory for Ramis over Pin Strikers. Turu’s Knights also took all eight from their clash with Royal Shock, as did Malta International Airport against Blitzkrieg.

Runaway leaders okmalta.com were given a reality check in week nine, as opponents XS came out of the stalls with a 760 – 786 game one win, and then doubled their advantage to 0 – 4 by taking the second game 766 – 813. Okmalta.com were staring their first defeat of the season in the face, but redoubled their efforts in the last of the set to win it 798 – 681, and so take the series points by 48 pins (2324 – 2276) to force the draw. Sara Xuereb (XS), 568. Rankin Camilleri (okmalta.com), 635.

Chasers and defending champions Fina managed to take full advantage of the leaders’ slip up, taking all eight points from their encounter with Supreme. Fina’s 100% win was never really heavy going, as they started with a 797 – 743 win and then made it 4 – 0 with a 788 – 734 win in game two. They rounded off the thrashing with an 836 – 779 win in game three, to move within six points of the top spot. Kenneth Arpa (Fina), 655. Helenio Grech (Supreme), 575.

Ramis stay just four points behind Fina in third place thanks to their own full point victory against relegation candidates, Pin Strikers this week, in spite of having to field a substitute bowler. Their opening win was a narrow 729 – 743, and then things opened up slightly in game two, which Ramis took 691 – 743. Both teams improved in the last of the series, but Ramis finished the rout with a huge 944 game, against a 763 effort from Pin Strikers. Philip Gruppetta (Ramis), 676, Male Bowler of the Week. Shaun Montanaro (Pin Strikers), 550.

Turu’s Knights consolidated their fourth spot with an 8 – 0 drubbing of Royal Shock to end round one, although they remain nine points down on third place. They clinched the opener with a 735 – 708 score line, but had a much easier time in game two, which ended 800 – 725 in their favour. The Knights bagged the final game 792 – 773 to make sure of all eight points. Tiziana Carannante (Turu’s Knights), 594, Female Bowler of the Week. Joe Cassar (Royal Shock), 596.

It was 0 – 8 again in the final fixture of week nine, which saw the points go to Malta International Airport to greatly boost their survival hopes, with strugglers, Blitzkrieg being on the receiving end of the beating. The opening game was the closest of the match, going 701 – 735 to MIA, and then the latter made it 0 – 4 with a better 751 – 836 game two win. Game three was somewhat closer, but fell 717 – 752 to MIA to complete the full point victory. Charles Galea (MIA), 570. Gunther Micallef Decesare (Blitzkrieg), 577.

-Bowlers of the Week:

Philip Gruppetta, (Ramis), 676

Tiziana Carannante, (Turu’s Knights), 594

-MSV Life Division I Standings: Week 9

okmalta.com – 62, Fina 56, Ramis – 52, Turu’s Knights – 43, XS – 36, Malta International Airport – 30, Supreme – 22, Royal Shock – 22, Blitzkrieg – 20, Pin Strikers – 17

-MSV Life Division II Standings: Week 9

JDS’ Brutal Legendz – 53, YoBetit – 52, Bank of Valletta – 44, Strike Me – 44, J Grima & Co – 40, BOV – 39, Vintage – 38, SuperSonic – 28, 4-Play – 18, The Scotsman Pub – 4

Tiziana Carannante and Philip Gruppetta(right)

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