Ten Pin Bowling: MSV Life National League, Week 8

Friday, March 11, 2016, 13:09

Gavin Muscat

TEN PIN BOWLING: MSV Life National League, Week 8

Copycat 100% victories for okmalta.com, Fina

Ramis, Turu’s Knights rue dropped points in majority results

Okmalta.com’s formidable winning start in the current MSV Life League has now reached its eighth consecutive week thanks to their 0 – 8 drubbing of Pin Strikers to keep them ten points clear of the pack, followed by current Champions Fina, who also picked up all eight from their clash with Blitzkrieg. Ramis dropped two points in their majority win over Malta International Airport, as did Turu’s Knights against XS, and there was also a 2 – 6 win for Royal Shock against Supreme.

Top team okmalta.com have an excellent 90.6% rate for points won during the first eight weeks of their title campaign, after easily taking all eight from Pin Strikers this week. The leaders’ dominance was evident from the opening frames as they claimed the opening game 717 – 837. The difference between the two sides was even starker in game two, which ended 688 – 859 before a slightly more subdued 705 – 815 game three win to secure all eight points for okmalta.com, who completed the series of the week on 2511 pins. Rankin Camilleri (okmalta.com), 656. Luke Burke (Pin Strikers), 566.

Defending champions Fina are ten points shy of their arch rivals, but stayed in touch with the top spot thanks to a similar 0 – 8 result against Blitzkrieg. They were hardly tested in the first of the set, winning it 717 – 837, while game two was a little closer with Fina winning it 778 – 826 to double their lead. Fina topped off a 2416 set with a 696 – 776 and so complete the whitewash. Kenneth Arpa (Fina), 684, Male Bowler of the Week. Gunther Micallef Decesare (Blitzkrieg), 584.

Ramis came out on top in a 6 – 2 score line against Malta International Airport, but those two dropped points leaves them 14 adrift of the top spot, and four behind second placed Fina. They were two down after the first of the series, which fell 770 – 788 to MIA, but then drew level with a much improved 842 – 731 win in game two. Ramis kept up the pace in game three to win it 843 – 709 for the six point win. Mark Spiteri (Ramis), 630. Steve Cassar (Malta International Airport), 553.

Turu’s Knights were also 6 – 2 winners in week eight, over XS. Again it was the eventual losers who opened the scoring as game one finished 730 – 750 in favour of XS, and it was all square after two thanks to  a 789 – 724 equalizer for the Knights. Turus’ game improved again as they bagged game three with an 814 – 681 score line for the majority win. Melissa Swift (Turu’s Knights), 683, Female Bowler of the Week. Josward Xuereb (XS), 527.

Royal Shock managed to pull themselves out of a recent slump this week, with a cagey 2 – 6 victory over Supreme. The first two games could easily have gone either way, with Royal Shock taking the opener 744 – 763, followed by a tight Supreme equaliser in game two (793 – 780). Royal Shock then bounced back to make sure of the lion’s share with a more convincing 738 – 801 game two win. David Fenech (Royal Shock), 636.

-Bowlers of the Week:

Kenneth Arpa, (Fina), 684

Melissa Swift, (Turu’s Knights), 683

-MSV Life Division I Standings: Week 8

okmalta.com – 58, Fina 48, Ramis – 44, Turu’s Knights – 35, XS – 32, Supreme – 22, Royal Shock – 22, Malta International Airport – 22, Blitzkrieg – 20, Pin Strikers – 17

-MSV Life Division II Standings: Week 8

YoBetit – 50, JDS’ Brutal Legendz – 45, Bank of Valletta – 42, Strike Me – 38, Vintage – 36, J Grima & Co – 34, BOV – 33, SuperSonic – 28, 4-Play – 12, The Scotsman Pub – 2

Melissa Swift and Kenneth Arpa

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