Ten Pin Bowling: MSV Life National League, Week 2

Thursday, August 4, 2016, 20:07

Gavin Muscat

Turu’s Knights sitting pretty, joint leaders with Ramis

Fina beaten by defending champions, okmalta.com

With two whole fixture lists of the MSV Life Summer season already completed, there is a two-way tie for the top spot between Turu’s Knights and Ramis, the only teams in the top flight to have maintained a 100% win record at such an early stage in the new campaign. Champions okmalta.com dropped two points in their week 2 victory against arch rivals Fina and are joint third with newly promoted YoBetit.com who won 2 – 6 against fellow top flight newbies, JDS Brutal Legendz. XS managed to claim all eight against Supreme, having lost 6 – 2 in the opening week.

Turu’s Knights week two win came to the detriment of Supreme, who put on a dismal display and are yet to pick up a point this season. The closest they came to making the scoreboard was in the first game of the set, which they lost 699 – 740, before suffering a heavy 695 – 818 game two loss, meaning 0 – 4 to the Knights with one left to play. Turu’s took that easily, 712 – 772 to complete the drubbing, and lead the pack on 16 points. Tiziana Carannante (Turu’s Knights), 606, Female Bowler of the Week. Marthese Cossai (Supreme), 505.

Ramis are also on maximum 16 from two matches, and picked up their easy eight against Royal Shock this week and played the series of the week to boot (2402). They opened with a sound 753 – 672 win, and then excelled to a big 836 – 695 game two win to double their advantage. IT was all over bar the shouting as game three commenced, and Ramis bagged that 813 – 745 to make sure of the full point victory. Paul Baldacchino (Ramis), 683, Male Bowler of the Week. Malcolm Pace Debono (Royal Shock), 506.

After an easy start to their title defence with a week one victory over JDS Brutal Legendz (8 – 0), okmalta.com had to make to with a majority win in week two, 6 – 2 against their age old adversaries, Fina. It was the eventual losers who would claim the early advantage with a 736 – 787 game one win, but then the champs levelled it with an easy 799 – 662 win in the second. Okmalta.com then produced their best effort of the night for an 846 – 790 win in the third to take the match. Neil Sullivan (okmalta.com), 644. Justin Caruana Scicluna, Fina, 631.

Straight up from Division II, YoBetit.com have gotten off to a near-perfect start with two wins from two having beaten youth team JDS Brutal Legendz 2 – 6 this week, after their 0 – 8 opening win over MIA. The Legendz drew first blood thanks to their 726 – 680 game one win, although YoBetit.com bounced right back with a 699 – 757 equalizer in the second. The match was anyone’s for the taking as game three rolled off, and then fell 716 – 746 to YoBetit.com for the series. James Vassallo (YoBetit.com), 541. Matthew Agius (JDS Brutal Legends), 555.

XS pulled off the third and final full-pointer of the evening in their clash with MIA, who have sunk to the foot of the table on zero points alongside Supreme and Royal Shock. MIA were very poor and unable to crack the 2000 pin threshold, as the 3-game series progressed entirely in favour of XS: 671 – 719, 643 – 666, 646 – 735. Sara Xuereb (XS), 539. Aaron Belli (MIA), 515.

Bowlers of the Week:

Paul Baldacchino, (Ramis), 683

Tiziana Carannante (Turu’s Knights), 606

MSV Life Division I Standings: Week 2

Turu’s Knights – 16, Ramis – 16, okmalta.com – 14, YoBetit.com – 14, XS – 10, Fina – 8, JDS Brutal Legendz – 2, Royal Shock – 0, Supreme – 0, MIA – 0

MSV Life Division II Standings: Week 1

Strike Me – 7, J Grima & Co – 6, Bank of Valletta – 6, Blitzkrieg – 6, Mean Machine – 6, SuperSonic – 2, Vintage – 2, BOV – 2, 4 Play – 2, Ready Steady Bowl – 1

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