Ten Pin Bowling : MSV Life National League, Week 18

Saturday, June 11, 2016, 13:07

Gavin Muscat

Full points for Fina, Ramis, Malta International Airport

New champions okmalta.com have rounded off their title-winning season, with one final win against XS, in the 18th and final week of the MSV Life National League. Their final points tally came to 122, eight pins ahead of Fina who were full point winners against Supreme. Third placed Ramis also took all eight against the  relegated Pin Strikers, while Blitzkrieg’s relegation was inevitably confirmed by an 8 – 0 defeat at the hands of Malta International Airport. An inconsequential match between Royal Shock and Turu’s Knights went to the latter, with a 2 – 6 scoreline.

Okmalta.com had been confirmed as champions in the previous week, and their 2 – 6 win against XS for a season total of 122 points, gives them an impressive win rate of nearly 85% over 18 weeks. XS came out with all guns blazing against their formidable opponents, opening the scoring with an excellent 826 – 713 game one win. Then it was a case of ‘anything you can do, we can do better’ in game two, as the Champions fired back with a great 768 – 855 equaliser. Okmalta.com then pulled out the stops to finish their season of success with a final flourish, winning the last of the set with a massive 915, against an 800 from XS. Mauro Anastasi (okmalta.com), 718. Sara Xureb (XS), 633.

The new champions are back on top after losing out to Fina in the last two seasons, and their victory tells a story of season long consistency, although not without a healthy share of high scoring performances, on both a team and individual level. Their top performer this season has been Mauro Anastasi, who finished the campaign with the highest average, a stunning 216.5 over 54 games in a season which also rewarded him with his 4th career ‘perfect’ 300-game. Also worthy of mention are his teammates: Neil Sullivan on a great 206.3 season average, Dennis Mercieca on 205.7, and Rankin Camilleri with 204.

As a team, okmalta.com have claimed a staggering 15 victories from 18 matches, with two draws and one solitary defeat, against arch rivals Fina, in ‘unlucky’ week 13 (6 – 2). Of those 15 victories, they bagged no fewer than eleven 8 – 0 wins, with the remaining four all ending 6 – 2 in their favour. Apart from Anastasi’s individual achievement of Hi-Average, the most coveted season award of them all, the team has also claimed the Hi-Game with a brilliant 962 scratch effort, which also tops the ‘Hi-Game with H’cap’ tables.


Week 18: Full Results – MSV Life Div I:

Royal Shock       2 – 6          Turu’s Knights

Ramis                   8 – 0          Pin Strikers

M.I.A.                  8 – 0          Blitzkrieg

XS                          2 – 6          okmalta.com

Supreme            0 – 8          Fina


Bowlers of the Week:

Mark Spiteri, (Ramis), 738

Melissa Swift, (Turu’s Knights), 635

MSV Life Division I: Final Standings

okmalta.com – 122, Fina – 114, Ramis – 98, Turu’s Knights – 73, Royal Shock – 66, XS – 66, Malta International Airport – 66, Supreme – 48, Blitzkrieg – 40 (R), Pin Strikers – 27 (R)

MSV Life Division II: Final Standings

YoBetit – 110, JDS’ Brutal Legendz – 107, Strike Me – 90, J Grima & Co – 88, BOV – 79, Bank of Valletta – 76, Vintage – 66, SuperSonic – 52, 4-Play – 30 (R), The Scotsman Pub – 22 (R)

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