Ten Pin Bowling: MSV Life National League, Week 17

Wednesday, May 25, 2016, 17:06

Gavin Muscat

Okmalta.com are confirmed League Champions with a match to spare

Fina, Ramis claim second, third place respectively

Having lost out to Fina in the previous two Division I campaigns, okmalta.com have been confirmed as the new MSV Life National League Champions, in the seventeenth and penultimate week of the latest season. Their impressive 8 – 0 win over Pin Strikers combined with a 6 – 2 win for Fina against Blitzkrieg, meant that the outgoing champions were left ten points behind in second place, with only eight points to be had from the final, week 18 fixtures. Ramis stumbled to a 6 – 2 defeat at the hands of Malta International Airport to stay third, while elsewhere there was a 6 – 2 victory for Royal Shock over Supreme, and a similar win for Turu’s Knights over XS.

Okmalta.com got off to a flyer against week 17 opponents, the already relegated Pin Strikers, with an 814 – 670 opening win, and then went four ahead with a great 799 – 585 win in the second. They then finished off the rout with a huge 851 – 652 game three win to easily take all eight points, complete the highest series of the night (2464), and more importantly, clinch the MSV Life league title. Dennis Mercieca (okmalta.com), 654.

Fina needed all eight points in order to keep in touch with their arch rivals, but were stunned by a 791 – 821 defeat at the hands of Blitzkrieg in their opening game. They managed to cancel that out with a 792 – 630 in game two to draw level. Fina also won the last game of the series 868 – 811 for a 6 – 2 match win, but were already all too aware of what has going on in the okmalta.com match, just a pair of lanes away, and so were resigned to second place. The loss means that although Blitzkrieg are eight points adrift of safety, with eight points still up for grabs next week, their inferior pinfall means that they are technically relegated. Mark Muscat (Fina), 673, Male Bowler of the Week. Gunther Micallef Decesare (Blitzkrieg), 541.

Ramis stumbled to a 6 – 2 defeat at the hands of Malta International Airport, putting paid to the last glimmer of hope they had of finishing in second place. All in all it was a poor match, Ramis drawing first blood with a 712 – 747 opener, but then losing that advantage to a 753 – 731 MIA win in game two. A 773 – 739 closing win for MIA gifted them the lion’s share of the points, Ramis settling for a third place finish. Charles Farrugia (MIA), 540. Mark Spiteri (Ramis), 628.

Turu’s Knights lost their opener against XS this week, 803 – 740 the score line, but then responded with a much better 749 – 729 in game two, to take a very slight edge of 17 pins into the deciding third. They won that with the game of the week, a stunning 892 against a 777 effort from XS for a 2 – 6 victory, thanks in no small part to an inspired 683 set from Tiziana Carannante – Female Bowler of the Week. Matthew Magro (XS), 6080.

Royal Shock can still nick the fourth spot from Turu’s, after also winning 6 – 2 in week 17, to the detriment of Supreme. The eventual losers clinched the opener by a mere 21 pins (729 – 750), and once again t was all square after two as Royal Shock replied with a scrappy 715 – 890 equalizer. Practically nothing separated the two outfits as game three rolled off, and that fell with a more convincing 798 – 707 score line to Royal Shock, for the match, as Supreme gave a sigh of relief, realising that their two point share meant top flight survival for next season. Pierre Yves Galea (Royal Shock), 632. Benny Hili (Supreme), 566.

Bowlers of the Week:

Mark Muscat, (Fina), 673

Tiziana Carannante, (Turu’s Knights), 683

MSV Life Division I Standings: Week 17 of 18

okmalta.com – 116, Fina – 106, Ramis – 90, Turu’s Knights – 67, Royal Shock – 64, XS – 64, Malta International Airport – 58, Supreme – 48, Blitzkrieg – 40, Pin Strikers – 27

MSV Life Division II: Final Standings

YoBetit – 110, JDS’ Brutal Legendz – 107, Strike Me – 90, J Grima & Co – 88, BOV – 79, Bank of Valletta – 76, Vintage – 66, SuperSonic – 52, 4-Play – 30, The Scotsman Pub – 22

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