Ten Pin Bowling: MSV Life National League, Week 15

Thursday, May 12, 2016, 22:47

TEN PIN BOWLING: MSV Life National League, Week 15

Setback for Ramis after heavy defeat against okmalta.com

Fina capitalize with big win, full points for Malta International Airport 

League leaders okmalta.com took on chasers Ramis in the match of the week, in week 15 of the MSV Life National League, and thrashed them 8 – 0 to effectively put paid to Ramis’ title hopes with just three week to go. Fina took full advantage with a 0 – 8 win over Pin Strikers (relegated) to stay within eight points of the top spot, and there was another 100% for Malta International Airport against XS, which means that top flight survival is all but confirmed for the winners. Royal Shock pulled off the fourth full-pointer of the week against Blitzkrieg, while Supreme came out on the better end of a 2 – 6 score line with Turu’s Knights.

Okmalta.com vs Ramis took top billing in week fifteen, with the latter looking for a big win and relishing the prospect of drawing level at the top of Div I. Okmalta.com clearly had other ideas of course, and caused Ramis an early set-back by winning the first game 835 – 812. Ramis then seemed to struggle in game two, which was far from the case for okmalta.com who easily won it 783 – 686 to make it 4 – 0, and shatter their opponents’ thoughts of victory. The leaders’ best was yet to come, and they took the final game with an excellent 881 effort to Ramis’ 730, and so walk away with all eight points. The result leaves Ramis 16 points down in third place, and in need of a miracle or two if they are to claim the league title. Denis Mercieca (okmalta.com), 671. Mark Spiteri (Ramis), 576.

Fina are still in touch with the top spot, staying within eight points of the leaders thanks to an easy 0 – 8 hammering of Pin Strikers this week which means that relegation is now a certainty for the losers. The defending champions were never seriously challenged during the encounter, but played with epic consistency as the series progressed, all in Fina’s favour: 711 – 854, 724 – 888, 713 – 859. That topped of a brilliant 2601 series for Fina, the best of the night by over 100 pins. Mark Muscat (Fina), 700, Male Bowler of the Week. Michaela Briffa (Pin Strikers), 537.

Malta International Airport can consider themselves safe from a drop back to Div II at the end of the season, after beating XS 8 – 0 in week 15. They are now 20 points clear of the bottom two, with 24 points still up for grabs meaning it would take a disaster for them to be faced with relegation. They opened with a 796 – 741 win against XS, and then doubled their advantage with a better 863 – 751 in game two. MIA then rounded off their slick performance with a 783 – 727 game three win, to make sure of all eight. Alfred Pulis (MIA), 624. Sara Xuereb (XS), 604.

The fourth and final 100% victory of the week went to Royal Shock, to the detriment of Blitzkrieg who increasingly seem destined for a return to Div II. The closest the eventual losers came to taking anything away from the encounter was their opening loss of 683 – 730, and Royal Shock then stepped up their game for a 689 – 772 game two win, and a 665 – 765 final victory to complete the whitewash. Clive Farrugia (Royal Shock), 623. Gunther Micallef Decesare (Blitzkrieg), 547.

Supreme were another team to make another strike for survival this week, bagging a useful 2 – 6 win over fourth placed Turu’s Knights to go 14 clear of the drop-zone. They started well with a 738 – 792 opening win, before stumbling to a poor 799 – 666 defeat in game two for the Knights to draw level. Supreme then produced a match-winning effort to win the deciding third game 731 – 816, and so narrowly take the series (2268 – 2274). Helenio Grech (Supreme), 606. Tiziana Carannante (Turu’s Knights), 638, Female Bowler of the Week.

Bowlers of the Week:

Mark Muscat, (Fina), 700

Tiziana Carannante, (Turu’s Knights), 638

MSV Life Division I Standings: Week 15

okmalta.com – 100, Fina – 92, Ramis – 84, Turu’s Knights – 59, Royal Shock – 58, XS – 58, Malta International Airport – 52, Supreme – 46, Blitzkrieg – 32, Pin Strikers – 19

MSV Life Division II Standings: Week 17

YoBetit – 108, JDS’ Brutal Legendz – 101, Strike Me – 84, J Grima & Co – 80, Bank of Valletta – 74, BOV – 73, Vintage – 66, SuperSonic – 50, 4-Play – 30, The Scotsman Pub – 14

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