Ten Pin Bowling: MSV Life National League, Week 11

Saturday, October 17, 2015, 13:35

Gavin Muscat

Full point Victory puts Fina nine points clear

Ramis drop 2 points as okmalta.com close in on 2nd place


Current champions Fina remain top of the pack after 11 weeks of the current MSV Life National League at the SuperBowl, and increase their lead to nine points thanks to their 0 – 8 thrashing of bottom side, The Clan. Ramis stay second after emerging 2 – 6 winners from their clash with Strike Me, while okmalta.com managed to move within one point of second place with their 8 – 0 demolition of Turu’s Knights. There was another 8 – 0 result, this time in favour of Royal Shock over Blitzkrieg, and the XS Vitel vs Supreme ended 6 – 2.

Fina had only picked up 6 of a possible 16 points from their previous two matches, but had managed to maintain their Division I lead as their nearest chasers Ramis suffered two defeats in the mean time. The champions were back with a vengeance against relegation candidates, The Clan in week 11, making short work of their opponents with a massive 0 – 8, as the three games progressed: 737 – 856, 770 – 878, 830 – 903 to give Fina the highest team series of the league to date on 2637 pins. Justin Caruana Scicluna (Fina), 741, male bowler of the week. Sue Abela (Fina), 642, female bowler of the week. Giancarlo Tolu (The Clan), 601.

Ramis were also back to winning ways, claiming a 2 – 6 win over Strike Me, and so hanging on to the second spot by the skin of their teeth. They opened with a decent 701 – 797 game one victory, and then doubled their lead with a 729 – 790 win in game two. Strike Me then responded with a good 790 – 714 win in game three to snatch their two point share of the spoils. Mark Spiteri (Ramis), 659. Cole Cooper (Strike Me), 533.

Okmalta.com are now just one point behind Ramis after easily beating Turu’s Knights 8 – 0 in week eleven, a victory which featured a stunning ‘perfect’ 300 game from Rankin Camilleri (see separate report). The Knights only looked like they could make an impression on the match during the opener, which was the closest of the series going 777 – 756 to okmalta.com. The latter pulled out all of the stops in game two, rolling a huge 867 against a 746 from Turu’s to make it 4 – 0. Camilleri’s 300 game in the final game, and helped his team on to an excellent 875 – 793 final win, and a 739 series for Camilleri. Danial Swift (Turu’s Knights), 589.

Royal Shock scooped the third 8 – 0 victory of the night, to the detriment of Blitzkrieg who were on the receiving end of the drubbing. It was easy going for Royal Shock who never really looked in danger of dropping any points as they opened with a sound 771 – 665 victory, and then doubled their advantage with a 786 – 683 game two win. Their best was yet to come, and they won the last of the set 807 – 685 to round off the full point win. David Fenech (Royal Shock), 624.

XS Vitel got the better of Supreme in the final match of the week, the 6 – 2 win improving their hopes of survival in this their debut season in the top flight. They took the early lead with a scrappy opening win of 703 – 654, and then improved to a 768 – 694 in the second to go four up. Their opponents then surprised them with a 768 – 793 defeat in game three, but XS Vitel held on to the series by 98 pins (2239 – 2141). Sara Xuereb (XS Vitel), 595. Helenio Grech (Supreme), 561.

  • Bowlers of the Week:

Justin Caruana Scicluna (Fina), 741

Sue Abela (Fina), 642

  • MSV Life Division I Standings: Week 11

Fina – 70, Ramis – 61, okmalta.com – 60, Royal Shock – 51, Turu’s Knights – 44, XS Vitel – 38, Blitzkrieg – 37, Supreme – 28, Strike Me – 26, The Clan – 25

  • MSV Life Division II Standings: Week 11

Malta Int. Airport – 75, Pin Strikers – 63, Brutal Legendz – 53, J Grima & Co – 50, BOV – 50, Bank of Valletta – 46, Vintage – 44, Atlas Insurance – 28, SuperSonic – 22, Mean Machine – 9


Bowler Spotlight: Rankin Camilleri – 3rd Career ‘Perfect’ Game

Rankin Luke Camilleri is a team okmalta.com stalwart, and one of Malta’s top tenpin bowlers. The inspiring story of his Rankin’s rise to bowling success began when he was 11 years old, training with the SkolaSport tenpin bowling squad. From there the promising youngster was selected for the Malta Tenpin Bowling Association’s youth and junior squads. As Camilleri became ‘of age’, he progressed to the adult squad, and has now formed part of the MTBA Elite Squad for many years.

At 28 years old, Camilleri may be considered to be at the peak of his game, however there are still many, many years of bowling success in store for him. His latest milestone achievement came in the form of a 300 game this week, during his team, okmalta.com’s Division I match against Turu’s Knights (8 – 0 to okmalta.com).

The big came in the third and final game of the series, leading up to which Camilleri had helped his team bag the previous two games win individual efforts of 191 and 248. Then came that much coveted succession of 12 strikes, always a thrill to watch, but certainly nerve wracking for the player involved. As that 12th and final strike ball ploughed through the pins, clearing the pin-deck to confirm that magical 300 total, Rankin was inundated with hi-fives and congratulatory hugs from his team mates and opponents alike.

This was in fact Rankin Camilleri’s third career 300, the previous two having both come in the SuperBowl’s Handicap Doubles league, during the 2008 and 2013 seasons. Camilleri has a host of other bowling accolades to be proud of, including representing Malta several times in international events going back as far as his youth team days, and more recently when he formed part of Team Malta for the 2013 Mediterranean Championships held in Slovenia in 2013, when he picked up a bronze medal in the 4-Man Team Event. He also placed third in the 2012 Malta Open Champions, where he realised the honour of defeating bowling legend, Christian Vandamme (BEL) in the final stages.

Rankin in action on the lanes at the Eden SuperBowl

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