Team Noel wins Title Belts‏

Friday, June 27, 2014, 7:40

Athletes from Ying Yang Kickboxing Team Noel recently took part in the latest edition of the Gladiators Night where five of the six Kickboxers won their matches. Two of them even won a World Kickboxing Network (WKN) Title Belt.

Melvin Fenech had a match with Darren Scerri from the Basement Kickboxing Club. It was a balanced match where both athletes kept counterattacking each other’s techniques until the end. Although Scerri had more experience Fenech began taking points with leg techniques to the lower body. In the end it was a jury’s decision to give the victory to Fenech.

Aiden Borg Catania won against the English Jack Cocker with a TKO in the first round. As the bell rang Catania lead with a number of kicks and closed with a punch to the face. From this attack Cocker retreated in the corner and Catania kept gaining points. After this attack the English forfeits the match and Catania wins the match.

Courtney Vella defeated Joe Turner from England. Both athletes started pressing each other with different techniques. Vella began to gain points by leg techniques both to the lower body and mid-section. From this point on Vella had the control of the match. Turner also made different counterattacks and ultimately the jury’s decision gave the victory to Vella.

Brandon Spiteri dominated the German Ening Taz in all the rounds and won the WKN European Semi-Professional title. In the first and second round Spiteri started gaining points with strong strikes to the legs and closing with the knees to the head. The third and fourth rounds he used more high kicks to the head. Although Taz had the height advantage this didn’t stop Spiteri from making him spit the mouth guard for eight times.

Ruth Tanti faced the English Sahra Chaz in a Kickboxing match. In the first round Tanti started pressing Chaz with hand and leg techniques. But from the second half of the English began to use her height as a great advantage over Tanti. It was in the last round that Tanti was hit in the mid-section with a kick and the referee had to stop and count to ten and thus declare the English athlete as the winner.

Daniel “the Jet” Zahra enters in the Maltese Kickboxing history with the victory over the Japanese Yoshiomoto. It was a relentless match where the athletes kept on attacking until the last bell rang. Zahra’s technique was that of circling Yoshimoto and at the proper moment entering with precise and strong strikes. More than once Zarha started using the leg techniques that is so well known for as well as precise punches to the face. In the end it was the jury’s decision that gave the victory to Zahra  and the WKN International Title.


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