Team Noble Gym wins powerlifting championships

Saturday, March 24, 2012, 12:51

The fourth edition of the Malta Drug-Free Powerlifting Association’s Team Championships was won by Noble Gym Olympions. The team was composed of Matthew Muscat Inglott, Kris Mintoff and Mark Abela. Second, third and fourth places were respectively earned by Fitness Planet, HeavyMetal Challenger and Noble Gym Titans.

No less than eight National Records were broken during these championships.

Mario Mifsud, who earned first place individually, deadlifted a massive 330 kilos to improve on his own National Record and lift an unofficial World Record.

Charles Degiorgio, who earned second place individually, broke his own National Record in the squat with a 200 kilo lift. He was lifting in the -75kg weight category. He also broke the deadlift record, securing a 240 kilo pull. He further managed to total 555 kilos and now holds all four records in the -75kg category.

Kris Mintoff, who came in third place individually had an equally positive performance. He squatted 220 kilos to improve on the National Record in the -90kg category, which he already held. He also deadlifted 265 kilos to take the NR in the deadlift too, and totalled 610 kgs to secure the Total Record in his respective category.

Mark Formosa, fourth individually and also competing in the -90kg category, benched an impressive 170kg lift, breaking his previous National Record in the bench press by 10 kilos. Formosa is still 18 years old.

Other lifters who had a positive showing were Neville Zammit, Sean Micallef, James Formosa, Francis Spiteri, Marco Pisani and Herman Mula who made his return after a layoff.


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