Team Maximum Lock stuns the crowds at the 4th Bahrain International Motorshow

Friday, January 3, 2014, 16:35

By Pierre Vella


Local drift performance team, TML have been acknowledged for their incredible shows performed in the UK  when they were exclusively invited to participate for this year’a Bahrain International Motor Show being stagged at the Bahrain F1 International circuit.

A logistical nightmare having to ferry the team’s three vehicles from their present UK base to Bahrain. However the insistance of the Bahrain organizers of having TML as one of their lead performers was an opportunity and an excellent business credential for the team.  The three day event in Bahrain brings together foreign performance car manufacturers to the country for prospective buyers who get a chance to actually drive these performance cars around the F1 circuit. Team Maximum Lock justs needed a relative small area to perform their world renowned show which brought an immense amount of interest towards the originality of the stunts performed plus the excellent stunt driving capabilities of all three Maltese drivers, Chris Bezzina, Clint Abela and Mark Galea. It was somewhat of a risk taking event due to the culture in places like Bahrain but it was instant success with a packed arena on all three days.  The long autograph sessions and meet the team session had to be extended due to the overwhelming interest by the locals.

The team was reported massively on all local media arguing well that the team will for sure be hosting other shows not  just in Bahrain but other neighbouring states. A really first class showcase of Maltese talent at its BEST.

Team Maximum Lock performed live together with multpiple Guinnees world record holder Terry Grant who also used one of TML’s cars to do his stunts and also performed one final stunt with the team. Lee Bowers the Kawasaki offcial stunt driver was also performing live in the arena.

Other performers where Saeed Almouri, Gymkhana and drift champion from Saudia Arabia which endorsed TML performance as just incredible and world class standard.  Also present was Abdo Feghali who holds the Gunnies world record of the longest drift.

Other celebristies include world known Xzibit which also was the mind behind Pimp my ride and his special DJ, ‘DJ Invisible’. The latter was a passenger with TML during one of their shows too.

Endorsement from the Bahrain F1 Circuit CEO argued well that Team Maximum Lock has definitley left its mark in this Arab state and is destined to return.

A special thank you goes to Daniel Vella from Kyokudo Racing who during these three days made  sure that the cars where perfect prior to each show which is no easy feat considering the punishment these cars undertake during each show.

We look forward to having TML back in Malta to witness the team immense capabilites in team drift performance.



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