Improved Qormi register deserved point

Sunday, January 9, 2011, 16:45

by Sandro Micallef.

Tarxien 1 Qormi 1

Without the services of their captain Joseph Farrugia and an array of other players namely Stefan Giglio, Roderick Sammut and Ben Camilleri, Qormi faced a strong Tarxien side led by master mind Noel Coleiro. The latter could not utilise his playmaker Sergio Pacheco who seems to not have yet returned from his short holiday back in Brazil.

Qormi were giving Brazilian Josue Souza Santos his debut and Abubakar Bello Osagie was making his full return after recuperating his condition. Making his comeback for the yellow blacks was also Belgian defender Jason Lee Vandelnotte.

First Half:

9min. Matthew Camilleri who was again replacing Farrugia between Qormi’s posts saved an Anonam attempt.

16min. Qormi 1-0. Abubakar Bello Osagie strikes to put Azzopardi’s team up front after beating Cassar with a low shot on the far post.

18min. From a Tarxien corner Antonio Everton Pereira heads just above the crossbar.

19min. Tarxien’s keeper David Cassar saves a Souza Santos shot.

32min. Cassar again saves a George Mallia shot from outside the penalty area.

40min. Referee Kevin Azzopardi rules brazilian Souza offside and thus his finish in the net did not stand.

41min. Cassar saves another Souza Santos attempt.

Second Half:

46min. Cassar saves on his first post another Souza Santos personal effort.

56min. Tarxien 1-1. A fast drive by Daniel Mariano Bueno on the left with his conclusion deflected by Ho Jung Kang into his own net. Goal just the same to be awarded to Bueno.

58min. Mark Tanti is unlucky as his low shot ends inches off the target.

70min. Substitute Frendo hits a cross shot that is just missed by Chetcuti who could have easily tipped into the net.

71min. Riccardo Costa has his on target shot hit the low end of the post.

89min. Riccardo Costa is given the green light to register the full points from this match for the Rainbows as he finds himself face to face with Camilleri but Costa hits the ball too hard and his lob finishes above the crossbar.

Line Ups:

Tarxien: D.Cassar, S.Sadovski, E.Antonio Pereira, R.Costa, C. dos Santos Rodriguez, M.Tanti (J.Vella 67min), D.Mariano Bueno, L.Vella Critien, O.Anonam, L.Galea, J.Grioli (M.Bartolo 40min)

Qormi: M.Camilleri, J.Lee Vandelnnoite, M.Bartolo, K.Fenech, J.Chetcuti (K.Bjedov 83min), G.Mallia, A. Bello Osagie (S.Agius 83min), J.Bondin, G.Buttigieg (C.Frendo 67min), Ho. J. Kang, J. Souza Santos.

Referee: Kevin Azzopradi

Yellow Cards: L.Vella Critien (T), H. J.Kang, M.Bartolo (Q)

Scorers: A. Bello Osagie 16min (Q), D.M. Bueno 56min (T)

BOV Player of the Match: Ricardo Costa (T)

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