Taekwondo Dragon Club participates in the 25th edition of the Park Pokal

Tuesday, December 28, 2010, 9:20

The Taekwondo Dragon Club concluded its calendar of events for 2010 by participating in the 25th edition of the Park Pokal (Park Cup) that was held in Sindelfingen, Germany between the 4th and 5th of December. The club was represented by 3 of its members, Duncan Munro, Lynsey Fenech and Mauro Busuttil as well as Sharelle Zammit who trains with another club but also took part in this event after carrying her training under the hands of Sabomnim Formosa. Munro participated in the Poomsae (pattern) competition whilst the other 3 competed in the Kyorugi (Olympic sparring contest). For this event there were over 1000 athletes from 21 countries, as it is a very reputable one amongst the open tournaments held throughout Europe.

Both Fenech and Zammit managed to win a bronze in their respective category whilst Busuttil lost his first match 3-2 against his German counterpart. For the last month Busuttil had to stay out of training after suffering an ankle sprain during his preparation for the Mediterranean Friendship Games held earlier this year, in which however Taekwondo was left out during the last preparation phase of the games. Mauro gave a brilliant performance, however he placed 11th out of 15 in his category after failing to make it for the next round.

On Saturday 27th November the club held its last round of Promotion Test for its senior class with the following passing for their new respective rank as follows:

9th Kup (yellow tab) – James Aquilina
7th Kup (green tab) – Henry Aquilina
6th Kup (green belt) – Kyle Vassallo & Diane Fenech
5th Kup (blue tab) – Nicola Borg Cardona
2nd Kup (red belt) – Duncan Munro

On the same day another promotion test was held by the Malta Taekwondo Federation’s technical board where Lynsey Fenech was promoted to 1st Poom (junior Black Belt) and Irina Atanasova was promoted to 1st Kup (black tab). Both members obtained a very good result after passing successfully all subjects.

On Tuesday 30th November the club has expanded by opening of another branch in Kirkop. Currently the sessions are going to be held every Tuesday between 5.30 and 6.45 pm at the local council community hall. For this opportunity the club would like to thank the Mayor Mr. Salerno and councilor Mr. Stephen Mizzi for their support.

On the same day Sabomnim Formosa started teaching at Sir Adrian Dingli Girls Junior Lyceum, Pembroke, as part of the After School Sports Progamme. Fourteen girls enrolled for this programme.

On Wednesday 15th December the club is going to hold a demonstration at St.Aloysius College during the school break in order to promote the art and sport of Taekwondo and the possibility to start offering Taekwondo as part of the After School Sports Progamme. The club would like to thank Mr. David Azzopardi for such an opportunity.

Those interested to join the club may do so by calling on 99452010/99868789 or write to info@tdc.org.mt. To obtain further details about the Taekwondo Dragon Club, one may visit the website www.tdc.org.mt

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