Taekwondo and Hapkimudo Grading Report

Sunday, July 28, 2013, 14:53

Innaekwan, Korean for ‘Perseverance Martial Arts Center’, is a recently rebranded Maltese martial arts center that teaches two well-established Korean martial arts; Taekwondo and Hapkimudo. Sabomnim Stephen Formosa (5th Dan)  heads both arts.

Sabomnim – instructor – Formosa has been practising and teaching Taekwondo,a martial art as well as an Olympic sport, for the past 23 years. This past May,in Vienna, saw the rewarding of Sabomnim Formosa’s years of passion for knowledge and teaching through the award of a 3rd Class Master Instructor qualification from Kukkiwon, Korea (the world authority for Taekwondo instructors), strengthening his expertise and competence in this dynamic martial art and Olympic sport.

Innaekwan’s Taekwondo branch, named Taekwondo Dragon Club (TDC), held a promotion exam for 11 of its members on Saturday 6th July. It is Innaekwan’s great pleasure to honour the following successful candidates with their new ranks:

Yellow belt (8thKeup): Douglas Da Silva Pace and Andrea Briffa Sillato

Green stripe (7thKeup): Josmar Azzopardi

Blue stripe (5thKeup): Emvin Mifsud, Reuben Mifsud and Gianluca Agius

Blue Belt (4th Keup): James Aquilina and Jerome Vassallo

Red Belt (2nd Keup): Shania Magro, Kylie Magro and Jadyn Portelli

It has been almost a year (on 24th August 2012) that Sabomnim Formosa had conducted the first session of Hapkimudo under the tutelage of Sabomnim Christopher Vella (the establisher of Hapkimudo in Malta) and later on founding the Malta Hapkimudo Association (MHA). Sabomnim Formosa consolidated Innaekwan’s Hapkimudo’s branch by achieving his first Dan in Hapkimudo through arduous training in France under the traineeship of Master Kang Jong Lee.

Hapkimudo, a direct derivative of Hapkido, is characterised by solely being a pure self-defence system. This system’s fundamentals are a fusion of the best elements found in both Hapkido and Korean kickboxing, therefore a complete system with kicking, blocking, striking, releasing and submission techniques.  On Thursday 4th July 2013, Sabumnim Vella conducted the second promotion  exam assessing the above mentioned elements in each of the 10 candidates. With a good level of proficiency, the following candidates passed successfully and earning their new respective rank as follows:

10th Keup – Andrea Briffa Sillato, Karl Grima, Jerome Vassallo and Mauro Busuttil

9th Keup – Rosey Caruana, Jesmond Vassallo, Martin Buhagiar, Josef Spiteri,Emvin Mifsud and Stephen Cauchi




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