Table Tennis Nursery Malta – Growth and success

Tuesday, November 27, 2012, 11:02

Registering growth year after year, TTN Malta this season has entered the National Association team’s league with no less than eight squads all composed of young, teenage and adult students, male and female players ranging from ages 11 up to 50 year olds. “As a result of our internal growth we are contributing towards the popularity and expansion of our sport in Malta, we are continuously introducing new paid up memberships to our National Association, all this apart from the high standard to which we coach and train our students. Our coaching and training set up has produced players which the MTTA has recognized by selecting the likes of Jessica Pace, Bronze Medalist in the Small Nations Games, Adam Zouari – Daniel Said – Jurgen Sammut for the COJI Games, Amy De Gaetano – Karl Wismayer- Luca Balzan for the FISEC Games, Kurt Craws – Sacha Pace – Raoul Fenech for the Junior World Circuit ,to represent our country “ David Pace, director of TTN Malta goes on to add that only recently in March did the National Association approach him for his assistance to coach at a Junior World Circuit.  TTN Malta students are recruited from as an early age of 7 years and by the age of 11 some are already of a high standard, the likes of Sacha Pace who in the last Malta National Championships was the winner of the open seniors Plate final event. After school programs are also being implemented to the extent that TTN includes transport arrangements at no cost for the students. Growth is also being registered on the availability of centers and facilities where to practice, presently located in Tarxien, Tal Qroqq and Cottonera the organization has plans to operate from another three strategic locations. On October the 27th at the complex in Tal Qroqq TTN Malta will be staged its 5thDonic Grand Prix tournament for the season. Students compete in three categories, Beginners, Emerging and Advanced / Intermediate. The tournament was directed by Mark Zammit I.U who is the appointed and official tournament director of TTN Malta. The general public was invited to come and follow matches free of charge with the possibility of getting to know more about the set up. For those who like to browse one may find more information by logging onto or joining the FaceBook group trough the homepage of the website. Alternatively for a more personalized approach on + 356 9944 6916.

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