Synchro Knights Mid Summer Show

Tuesday, August 28, 2018, 8:43

Synchro Knights, the first synchronized swimming club in Malta, put on a mid summer show on Friday the 24th of August at St Dorothy’s Senior School in Zebbug. The Club has recently been formed in accordance with the increase in popularity of the sport amongst young Maltese girls. Synchronised swimming in Malta started in 2010, when an Olympic champion – Saho Harada – visited the islands and noticed that local girls showed lots of promise in the sport however, they could not pursue it since the sport was not practiced on the islands.

Synchronised swimming has grown exponentially over the past 8 years with the help of the national sporting bodies – Sport Malta and the Aquatic Sports Association – as well as the ongoing dedication and hard work of Anja Kuhn who collaborated with Ms Harada in order to introduce the sport to the islands back in 2010. In recent years, Ms Kuhn has taken on the responsibility of preparing the competitive teams and ensuring their success in multiple international competitions.

The Mid Summer Synchro Show debuted Ms Kuhn’s solo routines with which she shall be competing in the LEN European Masters Championships in Slovenia between then 3rd and 10th of September. The show included a variety of routines performed by the competitive teams however, also comprised of a demonstration of the main skills learnt in a 6 week beginners class and a short piece which was performed by athletes who have recently taken up the sport throughout the winter. The Club’s U10, U12, 13-15 and 16-18 age group teams all performed their recently choreographed team routines, duet performances and solos.

The Club will be hosting an End of Summer Synchro Show during which all the different levels will be able to show off the routines which they have worked on over the summer. Follow their facebook page – Synchro Knights!

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