SWAN win MFA Member Associations Tournament

Saturday, June 9, 2012, 11:25


SWAN seemed more prepared and fit than the GIDA team who were just a shadow of the team that beat the MFCA by 3 – 1. In fact SWAN were always on top in the first period but against the run of play GIDA took the lead through Kurt Coleiro and managed to keep this lead till half time. The second period the match continued in the same manner with SWAN doing much of the running and GIDA creating the counter attacks. SWAN managed to get the equaliser midway through the half through a good Matthew Pace shot that went past Sean Sullivan. Swan continued to press for the winner which they got with eight minutes to go through Kirsten Brincat who took advantage of a misunderstanding in the GIDA defence. GIDA tried to press for a late equaliser but in the end all was in vain as SWAN managed to win the second edition of this tournament.

At the end of the match both teams were presented with medals by MFA Treasurer Antoine Portelli who said that it was an honour to be amongst amature players and watch a competitive match. He then presented SWAN Captain the Winners’  Trophy in the presence of SWAN and Members Association Chairman Lino Bartolo.

All the other participants, MESA, ISA, MFCA were awarded a commemorative plate for participating in this tournament in a get together after the match.

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