Sutic leads Saints past Sliema

Wednesday, June 20, 2012, 22:42

Blues top group with goal difference. Exiles and Neptunes overpower opponents.

Ta’ Xbiex Amigos 9 – Exiles Ferretti 18
(1-3), (1-5), (3-5), (4-5)
Ta’ Xbiex Amigos: L Borg, J Cremona, S Botond, K Falzon, A Galea, C Bugeja, A Bugeja (1), K Galea (2), J Tabone, C Saliba, R Attard, O Zammit (1), Y Szeles (5)
Exiles Ferretti: A Borg Cole, J Rizzo Naudi (1), M Paris (2), D Pace Lupi (1), T Sullivan, S Vassallo (1), J Spiteri Staines (3), K Griscti (2), D Borg (2), P Borg (1), A Kunac (2), M Toth (3), S Galea Pace
Referees: R Spiteri, P Balzan
As expected, Exiles Ferretti ran riot over Ta’ Xbiex Amigos practically dominating all the sessions. The first two went Exiles’ way 1-3 and 1-5 with Griscti, Spiteri Staines and Toth scoring regularly.
The third session also went Exiles way 5-3 with the final session ending in 4-5 in favour of Exiles for a final scoreline of 9-18 in the Sliema team’s favour. The major scorer for Ta’ Xbiex was Szeles with five goals whilst James Spiteri Staines and Marton Toth score three times each for Exiles.

San Giljan Giuseppe’s 8 – Sliema McDonalds 7
(3-1), (3-2), (2-2), (0-2)
San Giljan Giuseppe’s surprisingly beat Sliema McDonalds 8-7 in a nail biting match which the Saints dominated for most of the encounter.
San Giljan came out like a house on fire winning the first two sessions 3-1 and 3-2 respectively with Sutic and Karl Galea magisterial. The third session was a closer affair ending up 2-2 with San Giljan administering their three goal advantage for the final session.
Sliema won the session 2-0 to make it 8-7 at the end for San Giljan who registered a famous victory although it was still Sliema who topped Group A due to superior goal difference.
San Giljan Giuseppe’s: D Camilleri, JC Cutajar, N Sutic (4), K Galea (2), B Plumpton, R Mock, B Letica (1), A Bianchi, K Mock, C Gialanze (1), P Fava, D Abela, M Pisani
Sliema McDonalds: I Gergely, J Gabaretta, N Lubrano (1), P Privitera, M Meli, J Soler (2), D Paolella, J Brownrigg, C Debono (1), S Ferenc (1), M Rizzo, M Spiteri Staines, R Coleiro
Referees: I Sciriha, M Dalli

Neptunes Emirates 20 – Valletta Sterling 2
(8-0), (5-1), (3-0), (4-1)
Neptunes Emirates broke no sweat against Valletta Sterling beating them soundly by the huge score of. The first two sessions went to the tune of 8-0 and 5-1 in favour of the Balluta boys with Steve Camilleri scoring no less than eight goals.
The third session also went Neptunes’ way 3-0 while the final session saw the Balluta team win 4-1 for a final score of 20-2 in their favour and leadership of Group B.
Neptunes Emirates: I Bugeja, G Pace, E Aquilina (1), M Stellini (3), Z Mizzi (1), A Ciric, S Camilleri (11), J Camilleri (1), B Lanzon, S Gravina, R Sciortino, C Mercieca (3)
Valletta Sterling: E Arrigo, S Meli (1), R Calleja, A Galea, T Agius (1), S Cachia, A Galea, M Cordina, J C Farrugia, Z David, A Arrigo, A Sammut, K Hyzler
Referees: A DeRaffaele, P Giordano

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