SURVEY: 87% watch World Cup Games on TVM

Wednesday, July 2, 2014, 13:44

A survey conducted among 500 respondents by Mediatoday shows that TVM is
attracting the largest percentage of viewers among all age groups and
occupational groups. The survey showed that 87% of respondents who are
following the world cup watch games regularly on TVM followed by 16% who
watch games on Rai and 4% who watch games on Sky.  Respondents were also
asked on which channel they watched the games screened on the previous day.
72% watched the game TVM followed by 10% who watched  the match on Rai and
3% who watched  the game on Sky.  The survey shows that the main reason for
choosing PBS was the quality of the international commentary in English.
Respondent who watch games on TVM were asked why.  The most common answer
(45%) was that they preferred an international commentary in English.  A
third replied that they watched games on TVM because the station screened
all the games. Respondents were also asked on which TV channel they watch
discussion programmes on the world cup.  51% replied that they follow these
discussions on TVM.  TVM leads with a considerable margin over local and
foreign channels.  Respondents were also asked where they prefer to watch
the games.  Although most respondents prefer to watch games at home. 18 to
24 year olds were the most likely to watch games outside the home.

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