Surprise Outcome on Day One of Slow-Pitch Tournament

Monday, November 14, 2011, 11:28

 by Charles Attard

The first day of the tournament, hosted by the Gozo Tornadoes Baseball & Softball Club provided great fun and some exciting softball for the day.  A total of four teams are participating in the tournament, which attracted over fifty players and an equivalent number of spectators to the Kercem Football Ground on Sunday.

Gozo took advantage of their home ground and won all three scheduled games, whilst the Mustangs provided a surprise 2 wins and 1 loss for the day.  Mellieha provided solid hitting and were the only team to produce 2 home runs, one of which was a Grand Slam during the six games played yesterday.  At the bottom of the standing are the Devils, which came to the tournament without three of their first players.  Despite this the Devils put up a good fight and showed the most consistent defensive plays.  The Devils simply lacked power hitters in their line-up which was predominately female.

The Final Round of the tournament will be held on the 18th December at the Mellieha Field.

Final Scores for the 1st Leg of the Slow-Pitch Softball Tournament, 13th November 2011

Mellieha Northenders vs Gozo Tornadoes                       5 – 8

Mustangs vs Devils                                                                     4 – 0

Gozo Tornadoes vs Devils                                                       6 – 0

Mellieha Northenders vs Mustangs                                   8 – 16

Devils vs Mellieha Northenders                                            5 – 6

Gozo Tornadoes vs Mustangs                                               11 – 7

Standings of the Slow-Pitch Softball Tournament

1)    Gozo Tornadoes                                  3 W            0 L

2)    Mustangs                                              2 W            1 L

3)    Mellieha Northenders                     1 W            2 L

4)    Devils                                                      0 W            3 L

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