Super Fight between Tyrone Borg and Scott Dixon postponed

Friday, September 11, 2015, 10:48

Prize Boxing Promotions earlier this week announced that due to injury the WBC Mediterranean Light Heavyweight Championship ‘super fight’ between Tyrone Borg and Scott Dixon must be postponed. Both fighters have agreed to fight in a December Christmas Special.

Demis Tonna of Prize Boxing Promotions stated that the MBA National Professional Championships will not be affected as Christian ‘Coqqos’ Schembri has been replaced with Tyrone Borg. The MBA have this afternoon agreed to sign a National Title given that both fighters qualify. “On behalf of PBP we take this opportunity to sincerely offer our apologies. But the saying goes, better later than never” Tonna added.

In an exclusive public access the contracts were signed publically. “It takes guts for a young prospect like ‘Coqqos’ to step in the ring with me and I respect that” Dixon commented. Schembri stated that he was up to the challenge set out by his manager Demis Tonna and agreed to the contest to be able to test his performance adding “I will not be intimated. I take a good punch and my legs will carry me the distance”

Newly elected Vice President of the Malta Boxing Association Kevin Buttigieg stated that while the boxing community is disappointed about the postponement of the bout, it is exited for this contest between Schembri and Dixon. He congratulated Prize Boxing Promotions for successfully winning the tender to promote the first National Professional Championship.

High Officials of the Malta Boxing Association commented on Social Media Networks that a Rock Story unfolds for the young Maltese underdog. For further information on—class-b–c-national-boxing-championships.html

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