Successful 2nd edition for the Valletta Cup

Monday, April 15, 2019, 7:30

The Valletta Cup tournament was held on Saturday at the Valletta Local Council.  The Councillor Mr Ray Azzopardi organised this event, once again after the success of the first edition last year.  The tournament was open to present and past players of both Valletta Clubs, Valletta Subbuteo Club and Valletta Lions TFC.  The competition was individually based an it had two categories, the ‘Open’ and ‘Cadets’ categories.

The winner of the Open Category was Samuel Bartolo, playing his final against Mario Camilleri.  Both players are from Valletta Subbuteo Club, it was a tight match and was won 3-2 by ‘sudden death’.

Jeshua Bonnici won the cadets category against Jayden Bonnici.  Both players are from Valletta Lions TFC.

Mr Ray Azzopardi during his speech, thanked both clubs for their efforts and especially for the honours they are bringing to our Capital City.  He was happy with the participation from both clubs and he said that his intentions of unity were achieved.  Mr Azzopardi is looking forward to continue his work with all sports clubs to see more honours coming to our City.

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