Success for Maltese Kickboxers

Saturday, March 6, 2010, 0:17

Kickboxing in Malta has made a great leap forward as the Malta Kickboxing Association (MKBA), in collaboration with the World Kickboxing Network (WKN), organized a Kickboxing World Cup. Out of the 13 match competition Malta won five Title Belts from different categories.

This was the first time that a WKN country member trained a group of local athletes to compete with kickboxers from all around the world. 13 athletes from the four corners of the globe came to Malta to compete for the World Title. Amongst them there were Kickboxers from Holland, Caribbean, Egypt, Somalia, Ireland, Corsica, Belgium, France, Poland, United Kingdom and a Boxer from Cyprus.

The five Maltese that brought honor to Malta won 4 Title Belts in Kickboxing and one in Boxing. The kickboxers were Kersten Borġ, Steven Cassar, Ruth Tanti and Daniel Żahra which all train at the Ying Yang Club under Master Noel Mercieca. The Boxer that represented The Game Boxing Club was Ludwig Muscat. Three of the athletes, Borġ, Muscat and Żahra, won there match by giving a KO in the second round.

The other Maltese athletes that took part were Keith Mills, Lucienne Desira, Steve Martin, Jonathan Curmi, Charles Buttiġieġ, Darren Borġ, Terence Ċilia and Reuben Azzopardi. This was the first time in Malta that the Oriental/K1 rules were used in two matches. Azzopardi u Ċilia competed with such rules were the athletes could use knee techniques.

Żahra gave a magnificent display of his Kickboxing abilities by keeping his competitor under continuous pressure with a mixture of punches and jumping spinning kicks. During the match Żahra almost threw the Irish out of the ring for three times. Dimos Melifrondes, the promoter, decided to offer Żahra the opportunity to train and compete at a professional level.

Curretnly Mercieca is training a group of Maltese kickboxers for a competition abroad. In November Malta will participate in two competitions for the European Title. The first one is going to be held in Corsica, on a cruise liner, and the second one will be in Germany.

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