Stellini suspended from finals. Charges against Psaila withdrawn

Saturday, September 8, 2012, 11:59
Season over for Michele Stellini

Season over for Michele Stellini

by Sandro Micallef

Neptunes Emirates player Michele Stellini has been suspended for 2 games and fined €200 after he was ejected from game 3 of the finals against Sliema for giving a head butt to Sliema’s foreigner Ferenc Salamon. This means that the left-hander shall miss Game 4 of the finals this evening, and if Sliema win today, he’ll miss  game 5 next week. The referee’s report was uncontested by Neptunes.

Stellini is one of the main pillars in Sergei Markoch’s team, and his place is expected to be taken by ex-Sirens Clint Mercieca. Earlier this season, Stellini was the undisputed hero for Neptunes when he scored 6 goals in Neptunes’ Knockout Final victory against Sliema that ended 12-8 in favour of the Balluta side.

In another disciplinary ruling, the ASA President withdrew the charges that he had brought against Sliema’s club secretary Anthony Psaila after the latter had reportedly approached the President in an aggressive manner in the clinic area at the National Pool during a regular season game between Sliema and Neptunes in August.

This case has now been referred to the Kunsill Malti ghall-iSports (KMS) who will be dealing with any disciplinary measures themselves, while the deposit paid by Sliema on contestation is to be returned to Sliema. During the same game, Psaila’s daughter was slightly injured during incidents that took place on the stands between the private security guards contracted by the ASA and some Sliema supporters.

Anthony Psaila was also cleared of having uttered words that could have been interpreted as incitement. In this case, the Disciplinary Commissioner concluded that given the particular circumstances of the case, the words uttered by Mr. Psaila, whilst showing a lack of respect towards the ASA officials involved, cannot be interpreted as having been made to incite the supporters against the said officials.


  1. Arsene Wenger says:

    Alla jbierek tas-Sliema ir-rapporti kontra taghhom dejjem igibuhom zewg


    Balluta Reply:

    Mhux hekk !
    Min jaf ghalfejn is-Sur Caruana Curran waqqa il kaz eh??? Tinten l-affari 

    …2 weights 2 measures ASA, pero il league xorta il-Balluta gie !


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