Stanley Cardona wins the Breda Cup trap selection

Monday, March 22, 2010, 13:15

Stanley Cardona was the overall winner of The Breda Cup Trap Selection. This competition was organized by The Malta Shooting Sport Federation at Bidnija this weekend on 125 clays Trap with the best six shooters to qualify for the barrage finals. The fantastic weather we had this weekend attracted many Trap shooters to participate in this event where the level of scores was very promising with not less than three ISSF minimum qualifying scores of 113,113 and 112/125. A straight of 25/25 was also achieved by Jason J.Aquilina during this competition.

A spectacular shoot off had to determine the third place between Noel Attard and Jason J.Aquiliana which both had an equal score of 130. Noel managed an extra 12 clays in the shoot off while Jason managed 11.

Stanley Cardona placed first with 113(MQS) +20=133

Pisani Jeffery placed second with 112(MQS) +20=132

Noel Attard placed third with 110+20=130+s/off+12

Jason J.Aquilina placed fourth with 113(MQS) +17=130+s/off+11

Nażżareno Attard placed fifth with 108+20=128

Lino Galea placed sixth with 105+20=125

Class A
1st Jason J.Aquilina 47/50
2nd Stanley Cardona 46/50
3rd Jeffery Pisani 44/50

Class B
1st Noel Attard 46/50
2nd Frank Scorfna 45/50
3rd Carmel Mallia 44/50

Class C
1st Grazio Zammit 41/50
2nd Matthew Busuttil 41/50
3rd Mario Gauci 41/50

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