Stanley Cardona wins RC Trap Trophy

Thursday, February 17, 2011, 12:00

Stanley Cardona was the overall winner of The RC Trap Trophy during a competition organized by The Malta Shooting Sport Federation at the Bidnija ranges.

Stanley Cardona placed first with 45+22=67

George Cassar placed second with 47+17=64

Nicky Carabott placed third with 45+18= 63

Eugene Borg placed fourth with 45+17=42

Alvin Vella placed fifth with 43+18=61

Jeffery Pisani placed sixth with 42+15=57

Class A 1st George Cassar 47/50

             2nd Stanley Cardona 45/50

             3rd Nicky Carabott 45/50

Class B 1st Eugene Borg 45/50

              2nd Alvin Vella 43/50

              3rd Carmel Mallia 41/50

Class C 1st Alfred Falzon 37/50

              2nd Romeo Cassar 37/50

              3rd Raymond Micallef 33/50

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