Sta Venera turn tables over Fgura

Wednesday, September 26, 2012, 1:30
by Victor Ciangura courtesy of The Malta Independent at the begining of the article
APS Bank Under 17 Section C 3
Sta Venera  2     Fgura Utd  1
Sta Venera managed to come from behind and win the three points after being a goal down in the first period. In the first 40 minutes both sides created very few actions worthy of note.Following this game Sta Venera are on 6 points from 2 games while Fgura have 3 points also from 2 games.
Fgura created the frist two actions, Sean Theuma was fouled just outside the area and the same player drove well off target from the free kick and after Ryan Gellel was fouled on the left flank Theuma missed the upright from the free kick with a high drive,
Sta Venera reacted as they mounted two actions. Kurt Pace served Keith Schembri with a long throw-in on the right flank and Fgura keeper Glen Cardona neutralised the ball from his cross and later he saved a free kick shot by Neil Farrugia after Ismael Alfalah was fouled on the left flank.
Fgura kept pressing and mounted three other actions. Theuma served Luke Cachia in the area and after Sta Venera keeper Joel Xuereb partly saved his shot the ball was cleared away to safety, and later he saved a hard grounder by Cachia from the right edge of the area after a solo run down the flank and he saved in two attempts a shot from outside the area by Gellel after beating a defender.
In the 31st minute Fgura opened the score with a choral move between three players.Carl Ciantar served Cachia with a through ball who returned the compliment to Matthew Magro in the area who netted with a low hard drive.
Just before the half time whistle Fgura came very close to double their lead when Theuma entered the area after beating a defender and as he served Magro with a square pass he failed to apply the killer touch with a gaping goal at his mercy.
Sta Venera were the better outfit after the break as they mounted more actions than Fgura.
The first two actions were created by Fgura. Ryan Mifsud served Cachia in the area and Xuereb saved his low shot and he also saved a free kick shot by Ciantar after Theuna was fouled outside the area.
Sta Venera then mounted all the actions up to the end. After a run down the left flank by Martin Vella, Cardona saved his cros-shot. Substitute Colin Bellizzi served Ryan Mangion in the area and after Cardona partly saved his shot the ball was cleared away and Schembri released Vella on the left flank and Cardona saved his hard cross-shot.
In the 53rd minute Sta Venera equalised when Schembri served Mangion with a through ball in the area and after he was tripped Schembri made no mistake from the resultant penalty.
Minutes later Schembri was fouled outside the area and Cardona tipped the ball over the bar from Neil Farrugia’s free kick, from Schembri’s flag kick the ball was partly cleared and  came in the path of Kane Pisani and from his rebound shot from the edge of the area the ball thumped the bar and finished out of play.
Sta Venera resumed with their pressing. After a flag kick by Vella, Gilbert Vella headed just over the bar and Schembri served Vella in the area and Cardona denied him as he dived at his feet and smothered the ball.
Two minutes before the end of normal time Sta Venera scored the winner when Schembri served Vella with a through ball in the area and after he dribbled past the onrushing Cardona he placed the ball in the net with a low drive. 
Referee: Etienne Mangion                      Player of the match: Keith Schembri (Sta Venera)

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