St Andrew lead standings St Andrew 3 Rabat 0

Friday, February 20, 2015, 8:35

APS  Bank Under 15 Section B

St Andrew are sole leaders in the Section having maximum points from 5 games while Rabat are in fourth place on 6 points also from 5 games. They were the better outfit than Rabat as they created much more scoring opportunities. Rabat must their keeper Damian Borg who saved them from a much heavier defeat with good saves and perfect timely sorties and on many occasions he was forced to come out of the penalty area to clear the ball away to safety.


St Andrew applied the early pressure as they went straight on the offensive. Samuel Mallia dribbled past an opponent on the right flank who then low-crossed the ball in the area and after the ball was partly saved by Borg a defender cleared away the danger. Jamie Sixsmith released Adam Magri Overend on the right flank and the ball was headed away from his high cross in the area, and after a flag kick by the same player Alex Thake headed slightly out from inside the area and Magri Overend then set Mallia free on the right flank and after the ball was cleared to a corner from his cross, Dejan Debono headed just out from Magri Overend’s flag kick.


In the first action by Rabat in the 14th minute Matthew Nappa was fouled on the left flank and St Andrew keeper Duncan Formosa saved in two attempts the free kick shot by Luke Mifsud.


In the 21st minute St Andrew opened the score when Sixsmith served Mallia, who was in a clear off side position which went unnoticed by Assistant Ezejkiel Barbara as he was not up with the action, with a through ball just outside the area, and as Borg came out of his charge in an effort to neutralize the ball Mallia scored with a lobbed ball.


The pressure by St Andrew resumed as they created two more actions. Sam Barthet released Magri Overend in the area and the ball missed the upright from his shot and Sixsmith dribbled past an opponent on the right flank who then crossed the ball in the area to Barthet who also missed the upright from his hard drive.


In another action by Rabat Luke Mifsud served Liam Farrugia with a cross from the right flank and his shot from the distance was partly saved by Formosa and a defender cleared the ball away to safety


In the last action before the break from a flag kick by Magri Overend the ball was partly cleared outside the area and from the rebound shot by Sixsmith the ball missed the upright by inches.


Very few were the actions worthy of note after the resumption during which St Andrew added two more goals to their tally. Mallia released Harry Grima on the left flank and Borg neutralized the ball from his low cross, and in an action by Rabat, Luke Mifsud dribbled past an opponent outside the area and Formosa saved his hard grounder.


In the 50th minute St Andrew doubled their lead when Sixsmith released Matteo Sansone in the area who scored with a hard diagonal hard drive.


Rabat mounted another action a minute later as Christopher Galea dribbled past an opponent who then served Christopher Muscat with a through ball on the edge of the area but he drove over the bar.



The score became 3-0 in the 58th minute as Alexander Satariano released Mallia in the area who netted with a low shot and two minutes before the end Satariano dribbled past an opponent on the left flank who then crossed the ball in the area to Sixsmith but he drove out from a very ideal position.


Referee: Tyrone Cardona


Player of the match; Damian Borg (Rabat)

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