Sports Legacy and its effects on the economy under Focus of the EU Sports Ministers

Wednesday, October 2, 2013, 10:04

The Parliamentary Secretary responsible for Sports, Dr. Buontempo, attended an EU Sports Ministers’ meeting and the EU Sports Forum held in Lithuania.

In his intervention on planning, investment and sustainable legacy of Major Sporting Events, Dr. Buontempo mentioned how the investment in infrastructural works and sports related facilities executed for such events have a long-lasting spill-over effects.

The publicity and promotion that surround such events will have a positive effect on our tourism, which is an important economic activity for us. Investing in upgrading and modernizing the sports facilities, will result in having a new impetus and enthusiasm by the younger generation to participate in less popular sports and will result in having an over increase in citizens of all ages in participation of physical activity.

Dr. Buontempo stated that while such active participation has the benefits in health education and facilitates social integration, it will be beneficial to volunteers to have hands on practical experience in the administration and organisation of sporting events.

When discussing the contribution that sport has on the economy, Dr.Buontempo highlighted the fact that most sports organisations operate at grassroots level with the support of volunteers.

He mentioned how Malta is investing in a capacity-building project, financed through the European Social Fund, aimed at addressing the issue of collecting appropriate statistics for the development of sports policy initiatives.

He stressed about the need to have capital investment injection from NGOs,private and public sports entities and together they shall develop new data streams that shall be beneficial to contribute effectively to the development of sports in Malta.

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