Spoils shared in drab game

Friday, April 1, 2011, 22:33

 APS Bank Under 15 Section c 2

by Victor Ciangura courtesy of The Malta Independent
Dingli S  0    Luqa   0
This was a very low standard game as both sets of yougsters lacked ideas in their play and actions worthy of note were very few during the whole 70 minutes. Folowing this game Luqa are in 3rd place on 19 points from 11 games while Dingli are in 4th position on 17 points also from 11 games.

Photo www.stephengatt.com

Photo www.stephengatt.com

The frist two actions were created by Luqa. Ian Muscat served Lydon Sciberras with a through ball and Dingli keeper Brandon Sant had to come out of his charge to kick the ball upfield and Aaron Demanuele was fouled on the left edge of the area and after Sant partly saved the free kic shot by Mark Costa, Sciberras drove out from the rebound.
In the first action by Dingli, Liam Schembri dribbled past a defender on the right flank and served Matthew Borg in the area and after the ball hit a defender from his shot keeper Neil Faenza was able to save it.
Sant then saved a shot from outside the area by Keith Grima  after he was served with a back-heel pass by Costa.
Dingli then mounted two other actions. After Andre’ Magro was fouled outside the area, Faenza saved in two attempts from the free kick by Ryan Borg and after Dylan Camenzuli was served with a through ball on the left flank by Ryan Borg the ball finished out from his cross-shot.
In the last action before the break, Ian Muscat served Keith Grima with a through ball who after entering the area he missed the upright from his shot with Sant beaten .
Dingli created the first action after the restart when Camenzuli served substitute Gareth Ascaik with a through ball and Faenza was forced to come out of his charge to kick the ball upfield.
In a Luqa reaction they mounted two actions. Lydon Sciberras served Muscat in the area and  Sanr foiled him with a timely sortie and after Andre’ Farrugia served Sciberras on the left flank the ball finished out following his cross-shot.
Andre’ Magro then won a loose ball outside Luqa’s area and after he lobbed it in the area it was partly cleared and Ryan Borg drove over the bar from the rebound. 
In the 59th minute Luqa came very close to break the deadlock when Costa served Grima on the left edge of the area and the ball missed the bar by inches from his shot with Sant beaten, and minutes later Grima served Muscat with a through ball in the area but he missed the upright when well-placed.
In the last action before the end, Ryan Vella was fouled outside the area and the ball was headed away following the free kick shot by Robert Schembri.
Referee: Darrel Agius         Player of the match: Not Awarded

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